YouMe (You And I) – Top Shenzhen StartUp

YOUME Introduction

YouMe is a net smoke brand founded by Shenzhen Youhe Network Technology Co., Ltd.,
founded in 2017.

YouMe provides healthy smoking methods for Chinese smokers through technology. The YouMe team has a product development team that uses the “heating non-combustion technology” technology to reduce the risk of smoking.

Our culture

Brand values:

Technology-oriented, talent-based, quality-oriented

Brand Concept:

Develop with technology to provide a healthy lifestyle for smokers

Brand slogan:

Open a new era of net smoke

Brand interpretation

YOUME has You (you) Me (I) combined into one, symbolizing “you and I do one thing together”, echoing the brand concept, that is, by reducing the harm of cigarettes, the smokers are healthy.


Heating non-combustion technology

YouMe controls the temperature at 315 ° C during the baking of tobacco. At this temperature, most of the harmful substances in cigarettes are not touched, reducing the release of harmful substances.

No need for assistance

YouMe does not need special smoke oil or cartridges to use the cigarette itself.

Smoking limit mechanism

Based on the daily intake of nicotine by the human body. YouMe’s product storage capacity is only for taking 8 cigarettes.

Purification treatment system

YouMe uses a large clean room design and a high
-purity material with a built-in dual purification layer to purify the released material.

Physics design

YouMe uses a damped structure to rotate the lid and play it when you are not smoking.

Brand memorabilia

In March 2017, the YouMe brand was founded.

In May 2018, YouMe applied for the first national patent.

In October 2018, the first generation of YouMe Net Tobacco was launched.

In December 2018, YouMe made its debut at the Shanghai Electronic Cigarette Show.

In April 2019, YouMe developed a conference in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to open a new era of net smoke.

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