Wutong Mountain (梧桐山) – Treasureland in shenzhen

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The earliest description of Wutong Mountain was Ming Dynasty’s 《广东通志·卷十三·舆地志一·山川·东莞县》 At that time, Shenzhen was under the jurisdiction of Dongguan County. The book included: “The description of wutong” written by Huang Zuo in the 40 years of Ming Jiajing (1561 AD),127 years before the “Xin’an County Chronicle”.

The name of Wutongshan Mountain is derived from “the wood more trees” literally translated from WuTong ( 梧桐山). In other words, The name of Wutong Mountain is because there are more trees in the mountain.

Wutong Mountain continuously rises from southwest to northeast. There are three main peaks (at an altitude of 692 meters / 706 meters / 944 meters) On its mountain back line. In this far vision, The west overlooks the Shenzhen, The south meets the Hong Kong Dawu Mountain (958 meters above sea level), and the southeast corner views the vast sea of Dapeng Bay and the beautiful Dapeng Peninsula.

Wutong Mountain is the birthplace of the “Shenzhen River,” and Wutong Mountain has high mountains and dense forests. The main peak of the mountain springs flows into Tianchi. Tianchi water forms a spectacular waterfall group along the valley When it rains in the spring, it sounds like a bell. It stirs up thousands of layers of waves and disperses 10,000 mists of flowers. Wutong Mountain is the area of 1933.3 hectares of forest land divided into subtropical forests and mountaintop covers.

According to surveys, Wutong Mountain contains 1,376 species of vascular plants belonging to 233 families and 764 genera. Among them, there are rare and endangered species of 64 families 196 species.

Tianchi Water has a small hole in the bottom of Longtan. It contains precious gold-tailed giant salamander and turtles. The Longtan River flows to Longzhu Mountain to gather the eight valleys to form the Shenzhen River. This place is named treasure land of the Nine Dragons and It’s next to nine ancient trees.

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