It was only exactly two months ago, on January 23, that Wuhan decided to shut down its entire public transportation network to curb the spread of the virus.

That is, until two days ago, on March 23, when the city announced 110 buses and subway lines would finally resume operations.

All public transport were given a full sterilization cleanup to prepare their opening up their doors back to the public and ensure everyone’s lives would finally find its rhythm.

While buses are already back on the street, when exactly the city’s subway network will reopen has yet to be determined and announced.

Just a few days ago on March 20, members of the “Blue Sky” rescue team from all over the country came together. Wuhan Hankou Railway Station to fully sterilize the entire area after being closed for 58 days.

Everyone has joined forces to ensure the city would be able to go back to what it once was, including its long-dormant transport hub.

Source: people’s daily