The 14th ICIF is being held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 10th to 14th.

Apart from the main venue of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, this year’s ICIF is also in the OCT Creative Culture Park, Shekou Internet Valley, Shenzhen University City Creative Park, Yachang (Shenzhen) Art Center, Global Digital and Shenzhen Design Industrial Park.

Branch venues have been set up in creative parks and other places to launch massive cultural activities and offer a cultural feast for the participating delegations from all parts of the country and for Shenzhen’s citizens.

In order to welcome the Wenbo Fair, Shenzhen Nanshan District will be the theme of “Creative Nanshan, Cultural Future – Striving for a National Cultural and Technological Innovation”, focusing on creative design, animation games, digital media, and film and television. Tourism and other key industries will integrate cultural and scientific technology.

Located in the University Town of Nanshan District, Jardin Orange Artist Residency, as a member of the creative cultural industry in Shenzhen, will hold the “Messy vs. Perfect: Finding the Balance” flash art exhibition at Shekou Net Valley on May 11th to present Rebecca O’Brien’s black and white ink canvases.

This art exhibition will be the first time that the American artist Rebecca O’Brien displays her artwork in Shekou and it is a perfect tribute to the local community who encouraged her to bravely pursue her artistic dream two years ago.

The “Creatively Thinking Towards the Future” design contest has begun. Since yesterday, May 10th, 8 graffiti artists arrived at the residency to prepare for the final presentation of their sculptures on the 11th. The competition will be held also at Shekou Net Valley near the exhibition.

We will look forward seeing the final designs. Do you want to see 8 art spray bottle sculptures of different styles? You can take a photo with them from the 12th to the 15th in Shekou E-cool area.

Introducing the participating artists

中国艺术家 – Rainbo

Rainbo, born in Hunan, lives in Hong Kong as a full-time artist engaged in street graffiti, oil painting, fashion toys, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, and more.  When she was young, she dreamed of walking to the horizon. Now she will devote herself to China Women’s Graffiti Team, called “China Graffiti Girls”, and is one of the founders of After workshop.

Her first personal exhibition was held at the Part-of Gallery in Wan Chai, Hong Kong in 2011. In the same year, at the Hong Kong Animation Festival, she won the Hong Kong-type toy model creation as the season runner-up.

中国艺术家 – 4get

Artist 4get from Hong Kong combines many years of creative experience to create a unique urban art style. For 4get, imagination has no boundaries or limitations. Whether it is a cartoon print on a T-shirt or a wall painting creation on a staircase, it consistently conveys his philosophy of life and his personality. At the same time, he is also very good at geometry, conceptual design.

中国艺术家 – WHYYY

In 2001, WHYYY began using spray cans for creating his art. “Fortune cloud” is the theme for WHYYY’s work. He combines traditional culture and a new wave graffiti style as a breakthrough with spray paint. He applies the concept and techniques from graffiti and adds a creative font and shape to it. His writing is always extending outwards, which reflects the rhythmical or metrical structure within it. From different perspectives, WHYYY’s work could be viewed as hypostatic or delusional; it could be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

匈牙利艺术家 – Aron Friedrich

Born in Hungary, Aron was a professional fencer for 25 years. After his career ended, he became a three-weapon fencing coach. After fencing, he then created LePopp brand. This name comes from pop art, using daily life symbols in an artistic way. He has now for years liked to discover new materials and to mix them in different kind of platforms. Always creating useful products and what people can use in their daily life. He especially likes to work with geometric forms, also abstract art. His works are always colorful and very unique.

英国艺术家 – Andy C

Andy (CiSTM) is an artist from the UK. He studied 2D animation at University which furthered his style in graffiti. A 3-year arts tutor in the UK as well as a popular mural painter for businesses and bars. He moved to China after covering all he could at home. He has been an art teacher and artist in Shenzhen for the last 3 years, painting many walls as well as a month-long residency at the Jardin Orange Residency in Shenzhen.

He has won a street battle in collaboration with MissionHills and Jardin Orange and came runner-up in the Sofunland Street Art completion last summer. Has been invited to many graffiti jams in China including Shenzhen, Changsha, Dongguan, Kaiping, Zhuhai, Dapeng and Guangzhou.

澳洲艺术家 – YOWZA

Yowza gradually developed his own style from the deconstruction of the techniques of flower depiction in the digital punk art and Chinese traditional gongbi painting. He has written many works during his travels to Asia and Europe. He currently has a studio named “Dirty Hands” in the outskirts of Shenzhen, where he has also become an art center for local and international artists. Yowza is also the main founder of the Metropolitan Serpents project and is promoting cross-cultural activities in Australia and other parts of the world.

厄瓜多尔艺术家 – Andres Silva

Andres is an Ecuadorian Visual Artist graduated in the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Andres has had several collective exhibitions including two solo exhibitions in +Arte Gallery and a private exhibition organized by the curator Maria Ozcoide.

Currently, Andres is working in street art with his latest project called “Presencia” searching to influence the daily environment with a childlike imagination. This project has taken place in several locations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Kathmandu using painting and drawing as one of his main techniques.

中国艺术家 – 徐洋 XuYang

XuYang was born in 1990 and comes from the Guizhou Province (a mountainous province in southwest China). When he began his graffiti art in 2012, he considered it under the influence of architectural thinking. He saw art as a sort of construction process trying all sorts of “building materials” (elements/tools) in order to arrange visual elements and ‘pieces’ into a new, interesting combination within a set visual space.

When he began to focus more on his artistic vision in 2014, his images began to emphasize the importance of eco-diversity on our planet.

As the venue of the current ICIF, Yachang (Shenzhen) Art Center has been hosting ICIF activities for four consecutive years. At this ICIF, it has brought together top art resources and focused on the theme of “Combining the power of science and technology and transmitting the beauty of art”.

The series of cultural activities are colorful, with the advanced expert lectures and very popular art exhibitions. (Jardin Orange will present some unique art gifts designed using some of its resident artist’s designs in the VIP area of the Art Center.)

Do you like creative art gifts? The Jardin Orange has a painted car at the Shekou library full of them. All the art gifts are here. Come and take some home!


 “Let original art beautify life.” 

If you know someone who would be interested to be a resident artist, please forward on our Jardin Orange Wechat Page to them!


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