In today’s society, technologies have become universal. the crossover collaboration & innovation among behavior, space, arts, and architecture is constantly burgeoning.
How to understand the inspiration behind the creative collaboration?
How is interactive technology intertwined into interactive installations?
How can we create & express more diversities by applying science and technology to the artworks?…

These are the questions we’d like to explore in the workshop of TRANSFORMABLE SPACE!

From July 29th to August 5th, 2018, we’ll present you with a cutting-edge interactive art workshop – TRANSFORMABLE SPACE, which is a collaboration among E-Lab, Design Commune-Vanke Cloud City, Speed and Chaihuo x.factory!

This workshop focuses on “the conversation about behavior, space, arts, and architecture”. We’ll invite prominent mentors/researchers/designers from different fields to lead & coach the workshop:

=> E-LAB, a Shenzhen-based design research platform;
=> MOUNTAIN BLACK, a Taipei-based interactive tech company;
=> Teaching crew from academic institutes from China & globally.


Through this connection and collaboration, we’d like to embark the journey of conversation & collaboration among architects, poets, mechanical engineers, and makers, guiding all participants to think, design and create projects of interactive space of media art installations!

E-LAB is a Shenzhen-based design research platform for space arts and architecture/construction technologies. It was founded in 2017 by Jie Chen, Jinjing Yu, and Guanqi Zhu. E-LAB focuses on the exploration and experimentation of cutting-edge construction technologies and new materials.

E-Lab also conducts research and design in the interactive space and media arts triggered by human behavior or natural environments. Its vision is creating an integrated platform for space construction, behavior arts and media, providing lectures/meetups, workshops, and design workshop for the public to communicate and co-create.


MOUNTAIN BLACK was founded in Taipei in 2018. It provides integrated solutions for innovative interactive technologies and creates interactive art installations.

MOUNTAIN BLACK constantly comes up with new & futuristic RnD plans, which combine different fields of knowledge such as web technologies, interactive software, audio & visual media, microcontrollers, mechanical engineering etc. with design methodologies. They will release these technologies through physical artifacts (prototypes).

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in interactive space arts. There are no requirements in engineering or arts background. EVERYONE is welcomed to join! The workshop coach will lead you through the content of “basic courses + interactive installation design”, guiding you through the process of “team-up => design => make” in a crossover team & environment!

The software, hardware, and equipment that will be used in the workshop include the follows:

• Modeling: Rhino, Maya
• Programming: Grasshopper (Ladybug – sunlight analysis, Kangaroo – physical simulation), Processing, Python, and Firefly.
• Virtual Reality: Unreal4, Unity
• Architectural Projection Mapping: Madmapper

• Microcontroller: Arduino (wireless communication modules, IoT technologies)
• Actuators: Servo, SMA (stripe & spring)
• Sensors (infrared, light, sound etc.)
• Motion Sensors
• Kinect
• Leap Motion

• Laser cutting (KUKA Robot & CNC)

Workshop Info
Place: x.factory, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City (Nanshan District, Shenzen, China)
Time: July 29th – August 5th, 2018
Fee: 5500RMB/person
Sign up: Scan the following QR Code

Note: After making the payment, please email the following info (WeChat ID, Name, School/Company Name, Position, Tel #, email) to

And we’ll send you a confirmation email with follow-up information.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Miss Chen (WeChat: kityuki, Tel:0755-86547873,