To solve the confusion among employers and foreign friends for work permit problems during the Coronavirus outbreak, HiTouch has consulted with the Foreign Expert Bureau in Guangzhou for the following issues.

When Does Work Permit Service Center Go back to Work?

According to the State Council’s notice, the holiday for the Work Permit Service Center has been extended to February 2, 2020 (Sunday), and from February 3, 2020 (Monday).  the service center has been able to offer services. 

Is The Procedure for First-time China Work Permit Applications Still unchanged?

The procedure for the first time China Work Permit application remains unchanged. The China Work Permit application is approved online. The employer can print the relevant document through system approval.

When Is The Best Time for Foreigners Who Have Been Granted a Work Permit to Enter China?

It is recommended that foreigners who have been granted work permits should try to apply for a Z visa at a Chinese embassy or consulates abroad. After obtaining a Z visa, they can arrange a trip to China according to their actual situation within the validity period. (The validity for a  Z visa is about 1 to 2 years).

What If the Work Permit Expires During The Extended Holiday Period?

If your work permit or work visa expired from January 31 to February 2, 2020, you can continue to handle related business from February 3.

During the crisis are there any changes for employers when it comes to handling work permit extensions, changes, or cancellations?

During the epidemic prevention and control, employers should adopt non-face-to-face approval for the re-employment, extension, change, or cancellation of China Work Permit. When an employer applies for the above-mentioned application, it is not necessary to submit the original documents at the service center, during the crisis. Paper documents are accepted after this period.

Face to face consulting with the officers at the service center is not available now. They offer a few other options to handle the consultation. You can contact them by phone numbers 020-83491552 or 020-83491745. Or you can join the QQ group for work permit consulting (QQ group number 462468616 or 70302954).