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WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference Committee hold the press conference at Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on Aug.24 morning, and there were more than 30 mainstream media reporters, representatives of foreign young designers, real estates and decoration enterprise representatives attended the activity.

Shenzhen is the globally famous Fashion City and“City of Design”with 6000 various kinds of design enterprises and more than 40000 professional designers. “Shenzhen Design” is a brand name in global design field representing the highest standard of global design .

The first ICIF(International Cultural Industries Fair)was hold in Shenzhen in 2004, and Shenzhen proposed the goal of establishing “City of Design”at the right time,and established the concept of “Design is the core competitiveness of industries”, supporting the design industries in Shenzhen from various aspects such as policy,capital, system to provide more opportunities for the Shenzhen design industries to participate in international communication and competition such as issuing “Shenzhen Cultural Innovation Development 2020 (Implementation Plan) ” and put forward enhancing the radiating power of foreign cultural exchange to make Shenzhen more international and implement “the Belt and Road” strategy, focus on boosting cooperation and exchange among UNESCO, friendly city, creative city network, main cities of “the Belt and Road” and  world famous cultural cities and holding and participating in national and international cultural exchange activities to build the international cultural exchange platform with Chinese features and global style to improve the international impacts of Shenzhen,“Design of City”.

The “General Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government on the issuance of Shenzhen City Cultural Development the 13th Five-Year Plan Notice” issued on November 15, 2016, further proposed to build internationally renowned cultural exhibition brand, to improve the level of cultural opening, to promote folk culture International exchanges, to make multi-level pattern of foreign cultural exchanges, to plan the implement a series of high levels of foreign cultural exchange projects strengthen the horizontal connection with international culture and enhance the international image and reputation of Shenzhen.

With the policy in the background, Shenzhen Meihouwang Design Eco-network Platform and INTL DESIGNER co-sponsored and planned WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference with a response of the cultural innovation and development strategy  and the “13th Five-year Plan” for cultural development of Shenzhen government ,organized by Shenzhen Pengrun Smart Technology Co., Ltd., inviting outstanding young designers from 30 countries and regions gathering in Shenzhen to discuss Chinese-foreign design cooperation and exchange and make a international designer exchange platform to improve the international influence of Shenzhen “Design of City”.

According to the committee, WAD 2017 has got the attention of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, CPPCC of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League, Shenzhen Science Technology and Innovation Committee and People’s Government of Luohu District. Related government will give support to this event. Just before the press conference, the conference has got great supports from many organizations in design industry chain, and has been listed in the strategy support project by Guangdong Designers Alliance, Shenzhen Decoration Association, Kaisa Real Estate, OCT Estate, China Overseas Property, Galaxy Real Estates, Jinghua Real Estates, Shenzhen Pengrun Construction Group, and has signed strategy cooperation contract with Netease Household.

Secretary-General of WAD World Youth Designer Conference International Committee, CEO of Intl Designer, Liang Yipan, ,Executive Secretary of WAD World Youth Designer Conference Committee, CEO of Meihouwang platform Zhang Xiaobo, Vice President of Shenzhen Pengrun Construction Group,Wang Xiaofen, Academy Director of Future+ Aformal Academy, Jason Hilgefort, Co-founder of TR&Partners, Freddy Curiel, Design Director of IDde Design and Consultanta Jaksa Nikodijevic, Founder of Hu Zhongwei Interior Architectural design Co. Ltd., Hu Zhongwei, General Manager of Jinghua Real Estates, Liu Mei, etc., attended the press conference and answered questions from media.

Secretary-General of WAD World Youth Designer Conference International Committee, Liang Yipan, annouced that the WAD World Youth Designer Conference will be held on September 26 in Shenzhen, 300 outstanding designers from 30 countries and regions will gather in Shenzhen, providing an stage for sharing and communication, discussing mutual complementary and cooperation between China and foreign countries to help foreign countries learn more about China Market and clients, materials and craft of China, looking for more possibilities in China. Look forward to share designers’ dream and creativity and get attention of the world through different perspectives of design. Helping design gain more social values and change life, influencing the industry and the future by discussions between design at home and aboard in industry chain.


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  • “30+”International Youth Design VR Exhibition
  • Announce “WAD 2017 • Shenzhen Declaration”
  • E.WAD World Youth Designer Conference Person of the Year Awarding
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It is known that, at the time when the WAD World Youth Designer Conference, not only the 300 designers from 30 countries are attending, but also 50 famous real estates such as Vanke, China Resources, Kingkey, Poly, Kaisa, China Overseas Property, etc., 30 famous decoration enterprises such as Grandland Group, Hongtao Decoration, BAUING Group, Jianyi Group, Mingdiao Decorative Incorporated, Shenzhen ShenZhuangZong Decoration Co., Ltd., Pengrun Group, Yuanpeng Group, Haida Decoration, etc., and government leaders, industry leaders, industry masters, media and elites from different industries are also attending to this big event.