Leandro Erlich was born in Argentina in 1973.

Leandro Erlich, an architect born with unlimited imagination. he is good at using mirrors, projections, and architectural structures to “fictionally reproduce” the appearance of reality, thus leading the audience to the scene, thinking about the body.

The relationship between space and personal and social space.

He always adapts himself to local conditions and local materials and relates the works to the local buildings and living spaces of the exhibition at the time, such as the use of elevators or stairs in residential buildings, cat’s eyes in the doors, fitting rooms in shops, and open-air pools.

Hao Art Museum (Shanghai) is pleased to announce Argentine conceptual artist Leandro Erlich of the large-scale solo exhibition CONSTRUCTION OF the REALITY.

The exhibition will present Leandro Erlich’s more than 30 representative works, covering large interactive devices, video installations, photography and other creative forms.

Erlich used the illusions and illusions of visual manufacturing to transform common sense in people’s daily life through the transformation of the architectural space, thereby creating a delusional visual maze.

Leandro Erlich, 1973 was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina lives and works in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay. He participated in many international exhibitions, including

the Whitney Biennale ( 2000 )

the 49th Venice Biennale ( 2001 )

the fourth Shanghai Biennale ( 2002 )

the 26th San Paulo Biennial Exhibition ( 2004 )

The Liverpool Biennale ( 2008 )

and the exhibition “Paris – Delhi – Bombay” held at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 2011.

In addition, he participated in Japan’s Echigo-wife Triennial, Seto Inland Sea Triennial, etc., and held solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, New York MoMA PS1, Madrid Communication Fund, Newberg Museum of Art, Japan Mori Art Museum.