Troublemakers from Shenzhen launches global E-Membership

Trouble Maker is a community of hardware developers, engineers and supply chain in Shenzhen China. We help people who are developing products with realizing their goals by providing actionable information, referrals and engineering.

It’s an open community, so everyone is welcome. Access to the community is based on membership. Until now, people had to come to China to become a Trouble Maker.

From now on, everyone worldwide can sign-up and have direct access to all the knowledge and services of Trouble Maker from the comfort of their own chair.

E-membership is for start-ups and individuals that are currently not in China but want to tap into the valuable manufacturing and hardware development expertise of Trouble Maker’s community of engineers and makers.

E-membership includes the following:

● Daily live Q&A sessions with engineers, designers, and developers with experience in China.

Wikifactory Pro account: The Github for hardware developers.

● Mail order consolidation: Save hundreds of dollars per month in shipping fees. There is much more included.

For more information, visit: