Touzhijia – Highly Funded Fintech Startup From Shenzhen is a top startup in Shenzhen that was also included among the top 100 highly funded fintech startups in Asia. The company was co-founded by Deng Wei, Huang Shiqiao, and Tan Wuquan in 2014 and offers a number of online fintech services like investment and other wealth management practices.

It joined the top Shenzen startups for 2019 by raising $63.7 million in the Series B round from Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting. uses innovative technology to offer its services at both P2P and enterprise level.

Founded in September 2014, Investment House is an Internet financial information service platform for domestic science professionals. It focuses on serving individuals with investment needs and small and medium-sized enterprises.
It uses innovative technology and financial technology to solve the capital needs of both investment and financing. The 10,000 people easily realize the value-added of wealth, and have now developed into a leading, professional and reliable Internet finance leading brand in China.The investment house has a rigorous and professional risk control team. Most of the senior management teams are from well-known companies such as Ping An Group, Tencent and Baidu. Through professional risk control and big data processing capabilities, based on mobile Internet technology, online real-time public opinion monitoring system, and offline inspection and certification, we will create a safe, stable and compliant environment for individuals, institutions and enterprises with investment and financing needs. Efficient Internet lending information intermediary service platform to provide users with scientific and professional financial information services.

As the first member of the China Internet Finance Association, the investment home has obtained the National Information Security and other three-level certificate, has access to the bank depository system, and has won the top venture capital SAIC Asia strategic investment, Chuangfang Investment A round of financing And the listed company’s parent company 400 million yuan B round of financing.

In the past four years since its establishment, the investment house has been deeply cultivating technology finance, creating intelligent investment products, redefining investment with technological innovation, and using technology finance to change people’s lifestyles.

Executive team

Zheng Linguo (Chairman)

He is currently Chairman and General Manager of the Investment House. He graduated from Hunan University and has 35 years of banking, finance and financial management experience. He has worked in a large number of large enterprises such as Agricultural Bank, Hongrui Group and Hong Kong Sun City Group.

He has served as the director and head of the financial headquarters of Sun City Group in Hong Kong. He is good at corporate capital operation and cash flow management, and is familiar with various bank risk control models. He has in-depth research and insights on the combination of technology finance and traditional finance.

Huang Shizhen (CEO)

He graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with many years of experience in big data and Internet. He has 12 years of experience in Internet technology and operations, and has extensive experience in the field of Internet finance. He has worked in Ping An Group, Ping An Bank, Chuang Dong Investment and other companies, and is responsible for the construction of Internet financial systems and big data technology and applications.

Familiar with financial services such as banking, insurance, VC, private equity funds, asset securitization, etc., has established many companies, has rich experience in corporate management and extensive market resources. In 2014, he participated in the founding of the investment home.

Deng Wei (COO)

Graduated from the Department of Economics of Fudan University, Zeng Yuan went to Tibet to study in Medog, and backpacking traveled more than half of China. He has worked for well-known Internet companies such as Qunar, Baidu, and other founding members of Baidu LBS Business Unit. In 2013, I started in the O2O field. In OTA, O2O and other related industries, we have rich experience in product design and operation for vertical search Internet products. In 2014, he