Cecile is a French and dynamic young woman that became a wine lover when she entered the French hotel school when she was only 15. But she realized early that wine is taught in a too complicated way and choosing or tasting wine is not an easy thing for a neophyte.

Hence she founded Easy Bacchus a company aiming to make wine easy & fun for everyone using tech. After 10 years’ international experience in hospitality, she launched Easy Bacchus for the Chinese market primarily and is based in Shenzhen for 3 years.

China is becoming the second wine market worldwide (1.4M USD by 2022) but wine is very complicated for consumers. They also buy more and more online and very eager for new technologies.

Easy Bacchus

Easy Bacchus mobile application (launch 2020, Chinese market) will be the only 1 in all platforms for your wine journey, all easy & fun: pick easily your perfect wine through visual and funny icons based on wine occasions, aromas or dish pairing.

Easy Bacchus

Wine bottle comes with a smart wine label enabling you to discover and remember wine aromas through a scratch and sniff technology but also discover how to taste your wine through Augmented Reality with Xixi, The Wine Lady.

After tasting, you can rate your wine and get after a few tasting some personalized wine recommendations and discover more about wine in Augmented Reality, easy & fun!


Cecile has been known as “The Wine Lady”, and organizes also various wine events for top corporates companies as private groups.

Easy Bacchus is currently looking for investment to accelerate development and growth but also some communication partnerships. Cecile has been nominated in some women in tech entrepreneur competition several times and is also head of La French Tech network in Hong-Kong and Shenzhen.

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LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cecile-israel/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theshenzhenwinelady
Email: [email protected]