Vanessa Teodoro – The super van in china

Vanessa Teodoro is an illustrator and street artist based in Lisbon, Portugal.

She finds that her academic and professional background in graphic design and advertising, as well as her South African upbringing, play an essential part in the creation of her visual identity.

Vanessa Teodoro

Having dedicated herself exclusively to her art since 2008, she has worked with numerous renowned international brands. She deconstructs the elements of fashion, pulls away from the artistic symbols and reconstructs them, and creates her pop art.

Redbull Cooler


Vanessa takes a particular liking to street art projects and finds the challenge of painting large public murals very rewarding.

For Vanessa, everything can be a “canvas,” and she’s good at creating all kinds of living things, making you feel that art is there.

Vanessa’s interview with

Vanessa Teodoro

Can you briefly describe how and when/why you decided to become involved in art? 

I’ve always liked to draw since I was a kid. My dad was a graphic designer, so I guess that exposed me to a more refined aesthetic style, plus it gave me some idea of what I could do professionally. Back then being an artist wasn’t considered to be a safe and steady profession (and still isn’t). I studied graphic design and advertising and worked in the industry for about 4 years. I always felt that something was missing and found that working in agencies limited my creativity. During my last year, I started to focus more on my illustration work and did my first big freelance commission with Vodafone. From then on I decided to fly solo and try my luck in the illustration world. After a while, I started working with big brand names, and that helped my work get more exposure and recognition. I then began to explore a more personal style with fine art and murals, and I haven’t stopped since.

Vanessa Teodoro

How would you describe your style (or the message inside) of your work?
My art is very busy, and it has a lot going on. It’s a complicated battle between patterns and figurative elements, sharp contrasts and mostly what’s on my mind at the time. I don’t feel that I’m super good at expressing myself verbally, so I try to let it out through my work. There’s always a story behind my creations, and I find it is an excellent way to “shake it off.”

Vanessa Teodoro

What are some of the most challenging things about being an artist?

Artists have sensitive egos so you can imagine trying to make a living by selling your personal view of the world and everything that “lives inside.”  Not everyone is going to like it or understand it.

What recommendations do you have for young or aspiring artists, based on your experience?

Based on my personal experience, never compare your career with other artists. The necessary path to grow as an artist is always different and unique. Concentrate on developing your work, sometimes having a life a luxury.

Vanessa Teodoro

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