The mother of Shenzhen – Shenzhen river

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The Shenzhen River is a precious water source of the city named after Shenzhen. It is the mother of Shenzhen.

Rivers are the foundation of human civilization. In Ancient times, 5,500 years ago, the Babylonian civilization originated from Tigris and Euphrates River. The ancient Egyptian civilization was born 6,000 years ago in the Nile. The Yellow River and Yangtze River are the origins of Chinese civilization.

In the same way, when you choose to live on the shore and live on the water, the two sides of the Shenzhen River are the earliest ancestors of Shenzhen.

The source of the Shenzhen River is a seasonal stream that consists of a drop of rain and a spring in the mountains. The Shenzhen River starts from Mieweiling in Wutong Mountain, runs through Shenzhen from northeast to southwest, and flows into Shenzhen Bay near Maipu in Hong Kong.

This river is the largest river in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

For thousands of years, the Shenzhen River has nourished one side of the land and water, witnessed historical changes in the past 100 years, witnessed the tremendous changes brought about by the times for the residents of both sides of the strait, and became a teller of the HKSAR story, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong story, and the contemporary Chinese story. Open the core topics.

However, the number of studies on the Shenzhen River has so far been low, and even the Shenzhen people know little about the mother river. Therefore, to study the Shenzhen River and disseminate knowledge about the homeland, how to present this legendary river’s past and present life in a complete, accurate and vivid manner, and place it before every insightful person who loves the Shenzhen River.

Bird watching season

In December, migratory birds from Siberia flew to Shenzhen and Hong Kong one after another and spent winters in urban wetlands. In December various wild ducks, great egrets, little egrets, herons, pheasants, and rare national protected birds continuously flew over the Shenzhen River. From December to March is the most beautiful bird watching season of the year of Shenzhen.

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