The longest beach in Shenzhen – Xichong


Xichong Beach is the longest beach in Shenzhen located south of Nanao, Dapeng Peninsula.
The traffic conditions in the eastern coastal areas have been greatly improved since the opening of the Yanba Expressway and Pingxi Expressway.

The expressway greatly shortened the time and distance between the eastern coastal area and the Shenzhen.

The Pingxi Expressway allowed you to avoid the traffic of the Dapeng Peninsula.
It’s two-way and one -lane road leads to Xiyong, which takes approximately 1.5-2.0 hours to drive from the city. It takes 10-20 minutes to get to Nanao Street.


Tung Chung Beach and Xiyong Beach are located at the southernmost tip of the Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen. Xichong Administrative Village is formed of 8 native villages. The villagers make a living from aquaculture and fishing.

The two harbors nestled under the Qiniang Mountain, where smoke trails, clear water, and sand. They are known as the paradise of Shenzhen, and the seafood roadhouses in the villages are best attractions.

Both Xichong and Dongchong are on the edge of the Dapeng Peninsula. It’s very natural beaches they haven’t get the makeover like artificial landscaping or Artificial turf.

The most eye-catching thing is the beach is full of shells, I believe this is unique in the coastal line in Shenzhen.
We must also remind you that Dongchong is a good place to witness sunrise in Shenzhen.

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Xiyong has several private houses, star hotels and the price is relatively high especially on holiday season. There are cheaper motels also available but the quality is not comparable.
It is recommended to stay in a reputed hotel for safety.
There are restaurants on the Xiyong Beach are expensive but seafood including kiln chickens, the farmhouse is cheaper. Of course, there are also many inns providing self-service kitchen services. Just pay a small fee to process your own seafood.