Look out for them, recognize who they are. Are they already in your life?No one wants to think about the negative. Think Positive! Say Yes! Embrace Now!

We’re encouraged to eschew negative thinking and only embrace positive elements in our life. However, there’s something to be said about recognizing the potential for negativity in your life and in your business.

With that said, here are the 10 People Who Will Destroy Your Business. Look out for them, recognize who they are. Are they already in your life?

1.The Moocher

This person is easy to spot. Whatever service or product your company provides, they want it. Preferably for free. They might bring up a lot of favors you’ve done for them – many you’ve already paid off – and expect that now is the time for you to return them. The trouble is that even if there’s an even trade to be made, it won’t stop a real moocher. They’re really only interested in getting what they think they deserve – regardless of the damage it might do to you and your business.

2. The One-Upper

While this person is useful to have in college as they serve as an external form of bar-setting, in business they are a constant source of frustration and bitterness. Instead of being happy to partake in any sort of friendly competition, a one-upper will only be happy once they’ve had the last word. Having this sort of person around can’t end well, especially if you’re not happy letting someone who’s wrong walk away without being told what’s what.

3. The Credit-Take

There is no way to advance in a career where you consistently take the back seat. But to a Credit-Taker? This is the place to be. What could be better than offering up a few measly ideas, calling into a few single conference calls, and then grinning broadly when you see your name plastered across that project portfolio? Allowing these people to take the credit means that you’ll never advance in your workplace – and it means that your industry will eventually be led by people with little to no personal work ethic.

4. The Storyteller

The office gossip, the yarn teller. They may also just be the person who never shuts up. A 30 minute lunch drags into an hour away from the office. A quiet ride in the elevator is you bombarded with questions and pestering thoughts about a meeting that won’t happen for another two weeks. A person with a big mouth can take many forms, but a lot of them can put a company in a tricky position. It’s no problem to have someone who’s loud or who enjoys to chat – but someone who’s main sin is office slander? Keep away.

5. The Hater

To the Hater, everything is being done wrong. Marketing strategy, client communication, promotional materials, even company attire. There’s not a single element of the office community or overall company workforce that’s being run properly – but of course, a Hater won’t do anything to contribute to it being better. A Hater may also have elements of being a Storyteller, so beware.

6. The Eeyore

These types can be tricky. To an Eeyore, nothing is good enough. Every day is a rainy, bleary Monday and their rent is due. Nothing could possibly be going well, and they’re only interested in ensuring that everyone around them can feel as miserable as them. Team members? Cube mates? Clients? No one is likely to ever be safe from the gloom of an Eeyore.

7. The Drama Queen

Don’t mistake Her Highness’s royal notation at the end – Drama Queens come in all genders. Notoriously self-absorbed, Drama Queens are interested in only one thing – stirring up controversy in their environment, and watching it all unfold. While they want to ensure that they’re at a professional safe distance (that is, there’s no official ramifications for their actions), they would prefer to be at the center of it all. They’re the victim, the martyr, and the instigator all in one – and they have no place in your company.

8.The Bulldozer

A Bulldozer can be a combination of many of the above – a Hater, a Drama Queen, a Story Teller. At the end of the day, the Bulldozer is interested in only one thing – completing their own personal set goals, regardless of how many other people get steamrolled in the process.

9. The Fairy God Mother

Got someone with a blank check in your life? A “just tell me what you need” motto that seems to end every phone call? Get rid of it. There’s nothing you need in your company or your life that you can’t work towards yourself, especially not with whatever outlandish debt might be incurred by these wish-granting individuals.

10. The Best Friend

No, not your true best friend. This is the person who wants to be your best friend at the office, or maybe even online. They’re interested in the appearances of BFF-ship, and ultimately in what it entails for them. They’re interested in their own gains but unlike the Bulldozer, they’re interested in you, specifically. They want to use the manipulation and tools of friendship to make it a uniquely personal experience – and that means it’s one less experience you need in your career.

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Rhett Power

Rhett Power is Best-Selling Author, Executive Coach, Columnist at Forbes, Inc. & Success. Rhett Power co-founded Wild Creations in 2007 and quickly built the startup toy company into the 2010 Fastest Growing Business in South Carolina. Wild Creations was named a Blue Ribbon Top 75 US Company by the US Chamber of Commerce and named as one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing US Companies two years in a row. He and his team have won over 40 national awards for their innovative toys. He served in the US Peace Corps and is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. He now has a rapidly growing coaching and consulting practice based in Washington DC.


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