TEDxFutian’s “Open Mic” !

For our upcoming TEDxFutian2017 conference
We are looking for potential speakers hidden in the crowd.

If you are an expert in a field!
If you have a unique view worth spreading.
If your insights and stories bring inspiration!
We have a podium ready for you.

No matter where you are concerned
Welcome to TEDxFutian Open Mic on February 25th
With 6 minutes, tell us some fresh awareness, interesting perspective, tell us the way you change the world.

Perhaps the next person standing on the TEDx stage, is you.

TED introduction
TED (the abbreviation of technology, entertainment and design) was born in 1984,The idea of ​​spreading the purpose of the focus on different areas of outstanding people, through 18 minutes to share the latest thinking and exploration, is the world’s largest influence Of the speech platform.

TEDx Futian

TEDxFutian is TEDxFutian, the first standard TEDx organization authorized by TED in Shenzhen. It is committed to disseminating valuable ideas and inspiring more ideas by thinking collision ideas with “Spread ideas, inspire creativity”. Ideas can change the world.

Organization introduction

Since its inception in September 2012, it has organized two events, namely, “I am Shenzhen” and “Experimental Field”, as well as a number of screenings / salons. It is one of the most active TEDx organizations in Shenzhen.

TEDxFutian2017 Annual General Meeting

We plan to hold the TEDxFutian2017 Annual Conference in April with the theme “Reconnect”, where 6-8 speakers will be invited to share the crash with 300 viewers. We want to create a community for the people who have the same values ​​and beliefs to connect and share a diverse range of perspectives, reflections and insights.

Open Mic Business Consulting and TEDxFutian Annual Business Consultation
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