TED Talk Night is a series of TED Talk screenings held every Friday night at TEDxShenzhen. We will carefully screen 2-3 TEDTalks In each issue, and through a screening + discussion format. We will start a discussion around a theme to stimulate thinking and collision within the community.

The Power Of Conversation

Why can people be at the top of the food chain? The view is given by Yuval Hulari in his book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” is because it is possible to weave a fictional story.

Therefore, the establishment of the human world is essential because of connection and coherence, and communication is the foundation for the establishment of all relationships.

It is the necessary medium for us to constantly break the boundary between ourselves outside world, then reconstruct ourselves according to this boundary. The importance of conversation is self-evident. Technology is limiting our communication, but it has never changed the nature of the interaction.

This issue of TED TALK NIGHT wants to discuss with you, How technological advancement changed the communication between people?
How to create meaningful conversations and communication scenarios?
How to create deeper connections with others through discussion?

In addition to watching TED talk, we also designed a dialogue of souls to feel the power of deep connections.

When : 2019 / 07 / 27
20:00 (Registration starts at 19:30)

Where : 6th Floor, Block C, China Resources Land Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. (Near High-tech Park Exit A)

Attendance : 35 people

PART I TED Talk Show

TED video playback
PART II group discussion

Point of view collision
PART III Dialogue Salon

About TEDxShenzhen

TEDxShenzhen officially obtained the official TED authorization on January 19, 2019. It is the first city-level TEDx organization in Shenzhen. We are committed to the TED spirit – Ideas worth spreading.

Welcome to the TEDxShenzhen community!

Our Vision

  • Open ideas that are worth spreading

Good ideas are independent, community-focused, unbiased, and diverse. While discussing the science and technology and innovation of the times, we will gather a group that believes in the power of thought, have the same beliefs and values, and unites us as a community.

  • Connect to our community

With the help of the TEDx community, we strive to use the ideas to drive changing the world. Bringing about diverse topics and thoughts on humanities, science, and art that are worth hearing.

  • Inspire thinking and action within the community

Use offline interaction, through the collision of ideas, establish connections between people, inspire each other, and bring more meaningful dialogue and action to the community.

Event language : Chinese

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