What Is TECOM Conf?

TECOM Conf is China’s first Tech and Entrepreneur COMmunities conference. TECOMConf brings the most dynamic, engaging and vibrant communities under one roof to showcase their value and mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities.

TECOM Conf is born to facilitate, strengthen and promote China’s tech and entrepreneurial scene.


Tech & Entrepreneur Communities Conference

Beijing | November 23, 2019 | 9:00-17:00



Innoway , 48 Haidian West Str., Beijing

中关村创业大街 , 北京海淀区西大街48号

Startups Pitch

6 minute pitch + 4 minute Q&A. 16:00-16:45

TECOM Conf is a great opportunity for startup founders to pitch their projects to hundreds of people including investors, corporates, incubators as well as get exposure among startup communities and media.

Digital Talent Job Fair 

TECOM Conf will host the Digital Talent Job Fair where Beijing’s most exciting tech and innovation-driven companies will be looking for promising and passionate talents.

Hiring? Contact Yeo Rae-Nyse at yeo.raenyse@wehustle.cn to get a booth.


The Effective Series: Pitching to Employers

by Petros Djakouris and Costas Georgiou, co-founders. 9:00-10:00

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Meet and greet employers like a pro and make the most of your limited time at the career fair! Tips, tricks and experiential activities led by the BeHive co-founders.

Introduction to AI for Decision Makers

by Aidar Faizrakhmanov, co-founder. 12:00-13:00

This workshop will help you to understand how to navigate the AI-powered future for yourself and your organization. You will learn the basic concepts behind complex AI terminologies including machine learning, data science, and neural networks as well as what practical use cases of Machine Learning. Explore the possibilities of an AI-driven transformation within your organization by understanding the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.

Entrepreneurship Visa Inquiry

by Velvet Zhao, ZGC Global Youth Lab. 12:00-13:00

An entrepreneurship visa is a type of visa that only supports startups registered within ZGC Area. It covers the gap after you graduate from school with your fresh ideas to start your new business or if you do not meet the requirements of the work visa.

Winter is Coming, Keep Warm!

by Fei Ye, Ecosystem Partner Manager. 9:00-10:00

Venture capital is said to be drying up in China, and startups should get ready for a “capital winter.” This workshop will help you to understand how cold it is and what you should do to keep warm.

5 Mistakes Startups Usually Make in WeChat Marketing

by Jenny Chen, COO. 14:00-15:00

WeChat could be a killer marketing tool for startups. Some of the most successful Chinese companies such as Pinduoduo, Keep, HomeFacialPro, started their companies on WeChat. But competition on WeChat is extremely strong, traffic is concentrated, and KOLs are raising their prices every month. Many large companies fail, and countless startups struggle. This talk will cover the 5 deadly mistakes startups make in WeChat marketing.


weHustle ( wehustle.cn )

At weHustle, our mission is to foster the highest quality pool of innovators in China. In order to achieve this, we connect like minded international professionals who are passionate about innovation. We provide a platform for hustlers, those who aim to accelerate their personal growth and build networks around startups, scaleups and corporates. Essentially, the weHustle platform is designed to be an innovation and community building service that encourages entrepreneurship in China.

ZGC Global Youth Lab ( z-innoway.com )

The Administrative Committee of ZGC Science Park and Innoway jointly launched the ZGC Global Youth Lab. ZGC Global Youth Lab is targeted at international youth with the willingness of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chinese market and with the intention to come to China. It aims to attract more and more international talents to China by providing a series of service support through Innoway and by constantly upgrading and optimizing policies.


Meet Hustlers behind TECOM Conf!

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