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The Industry 4.0 Advantage

This visceral image of “industry” being gritty and exclusively blue-collar is true to some degree, but when “4.0” is

Artificial Intelligence: Disruption or Opportunity?

Artificial intelligence (AI), one of twenty core technologies I identified back in 1983 as the drivers of exponential economic

Changes in Manufacturing: How Will Different Generations Adapt?

We categorize everything, from subgenres of music to which foods are the healthiest. But most categorization occurs between generational

Keeping Up is a Fool’s Game

Many business consultants agree that benchmarking is imperative to strategic planning. By using metrics, a business will study the

Will Your City Be a Smart City Soon?

Despite the apparent trade-off between privacy and efficiency, authorities across the globe are intent on becoming known for achieving

4 Use Cases you Must Consider to Drive Value ($) with Industry 4.0

By Amit Kurhekar As more and more organizations start thinking and investing in Industry 4.0 and advanced analytics, it becomes

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IOT & Smart Devices with Machine Learning

Another period of evolution has been begun with the improvement of innovation in the tiny gadgets which are called

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