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10 Simple Ways to Show Your Customers You Care

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, including your customers. There is currently a TV ad for a major telecom company. After

Smartphones And Voice-Assisted Devices Create Opportunities For Modern Customer Experiences

Anyone who uses a smartphone can attest to the incredible power of real-time, in-the-moment discovery that leads to decisions

How To Transform Digital Customer Experiences For The Connected Customer

Digital transformation is only becoming more prominent in driving business modernization. Yet today, it is rarely designed, led and

Making your ordinary, very special for the customer

I went shopping yesterday – at a store which had a fantastic exchange offer. After getting to the store,

AI, Chatbots and Designing the Next Generation of Automated Customer Engagement Go Back AI, Chatbots And Designing The Next Generation Of Automated Customer Engagement

No matter how much sweetness or spin you add to it, early incarnations of AI-powered chatbots are the call centers of

Art of Story Selling: Choosing a hero and taking sides: Nike just did it!

American Football in the US is the game where people carry the ball, throw it to each other, and

7 Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong While Growing a New Business

All relationships need nurturing, and they don't take a vacation while you start a business. So you're starting a new

Perspectives: Reimagining Space And Experience In The Future Of Retail

I just finished researching innovation trends in retail. It took over a year to complete and honestly, the insights shared

What’s your part in your prospects’ story?

How to sell more, when your competitors sell pretty much the same stuff. Our world is getting more complex. And

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Meaningful Conversation About The Art Of Storytelling

Storytelling is as magical as it is ancient. While many of us appreciate the power of story, we all

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