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Why you need a passionate copywriter

By Susan Hammond     It’s February (no, I can’t believe it either) and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Are you ready

The Reveal: Lifescale, How To Live A More Creative, Productive And Happy Life

I’m very proud (and relieved) to announce my next book, Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive and Happy Life.


A lot of people assume that establishing a culture of innovation would require bringing in young people. They are


From Human to Humanoid

As I scrolled my way down the WhatsApp inbox, the stroll down the memory lane was filled with broken

Innovation Is of All Ages

A lot of managers assume that establishing a culture of innovation would require bringing in young people into their

Creativity and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Just over 200 years, in November 1816, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, a novel which was published in London two

A Prelude To Innovation: Figure Out How The World Is Changing And How To Be More Relevant As It Evolves

There are many places in this world I hope to one day experience. On that list was Sofia, Bulgaria.

Elevate Your Success with Five Simple Steps

People often convince themselves that highly successful individuals who possess a special gift set themselves apart from everyone else.

The Magic Of Creativity And Innovation Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

  In July 2018, I had a chance to speak in Rancho Palo Verdes at the NBJ Summit. I think


是不是觉得生活有时候缺少点乐趣 天天觉得乏味呀乏味 可是嘎嘛要告宝宝们 只要有创意,生活并不缺乏乐趣 哪怕是最平淡无奇的东西 也可以让你觉得趣味横生~ 你又不信了? 那就看看这个会玩的家伙吧 艺术家 Christoph Niemann  用耳机、剪刀、钥匙、墨水瓶等 生活中很普通的东西 创作了许多非常有意思的作品 每一件都会让你会心一笑~

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