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Five tipping points that show why our current banking system is doomed

When is the last time you set foot into a bank? While many of us have a love-hate relationship with

Use Anticipation to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity

For the longest time, cable television was a miraculous technology that not everybody had in their homes, mostly because

How long before we reach peak ecommerce?

Retail is rapidly evolving and many of yesterday’s storefronts no longer exist. Gone are the Woolco’s, Radio Shacks, Gottschalks,

88 Mind-Bending Examples of How 5G will affect our Daily Lives

The race to 5G is heating up. Telecom companies are racing against other telecom companies, cities competing with other

Is Your Business Ignoring the Generation That Can Make You Rich?

Want your business to thrive? Then go where the money is. Baby Boomers spend more each year than the

Alibaba’s Hong Kong IPO Is a Brilliant Idea

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s potential plan to raise $20 billion in Hong Kong is huge. That’s not just because $20 billion

Outlook 2019: The Intangible Assets That Drive The Digital Revolution

In 2019, the Yara Birkeland, world’s first autonomous and zero emissions ship is due to start operation. Is this a sign

Cultivating new business models in the wake of digitization

On 19 February 2019, I spoke at the Smart Ports Summit in London to share and discuss my thoughts on the

What Is “Share of Culture”​ — And Why Do You Need It?

The Secret Metric Shaping Consumer Identity. It's one thing to inspire customers' loyalty. Defining their tribe takes it to

5 Entrepreneurs Share How They’ve Handled Client Disasters

Client disasters don’t have to be catastrophic. When customers go from being satisfied buyers to brand haters, companies should

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