Story Wall Eskilstuna | colourful shadows


The design of the Story Wall in Eskilstuna, Sweden, with lighting design by AF Lighting, took home an Award of Merit, accepted in person by Kai Piippo, IALD, on behalf of the ÅF design team.

The municipality of Eskilstuna, Sweden requested a lighting solution that would turn a dark pedestrian tunnel into a more inviting place while keeping costs to a minimum.

It isn’t until you step into the tunnel that you see how the lighting creates a unique and colorful shadow show that mimics your movements as you walk, run, bike or dance through.

While keeping to a low budget, the lighting design had to work with existing white tiled walls and grey concrete pillars, and designers couldn’t change, rather needed to complement, the yellow-toned light cast by the existing luminaires.  The result has turned the tunnel into a local attraction that promotes playfulness, creativity and a sense of community for the citizens.

One of the main goals of the design was to improve the citizen’s everyday impression of their city by presenting a happy, colorful installation accessible to everyone. By turning the tunnel into an attractive meeting point, the unique installation also promotes community and interaction among the citizens.

The technique used to create the lighting is easy, even obvious, but extremely effective: red, green and blue luminaires cast colored shadows from each passerby onto the white walls. In combination with their distance from the walls, visitors’ movements affect the appearance of the space.

As one judge wrote, “dozens of people who would have passed through this space daily – without thought for their surroundings given a more typical lighting solution – now find cause for delight and curiosity and interaction because of the thoughtful use of light.”

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