Create a company in 54 hours? Mentors from 8 countries tell you how to do it | Startup Weekend

Tech Connectors,10 – 12 May | 5月10日—12日
Startup Weekend Shenzhen | Tech Connectors,
Create a company in 54 hours? Mentors from 8 countries tell you how to do it


Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. They begin with Friday night pitches and continue through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, culminating with Sunday night demos and presentations.






Startup weekend,创业周末,让您在54小时内极致体验创业,与数十位来自不同背景和国家的伙伴一起深度头脑碰撞,验证创业想法,真实感受创业的热血与激情!

创业周末是一个为技术及非技术创业者们提供体验式教育而设计的活动。活动共54小时,从周五晚上创业点子分享 (pitch)、头脑风暴到周六周日两天的商业模式创立、产品雏形设计和营销方案确立,再到星期天晚上的路演。


Participants launch their own startups during Startup Weekend. They start by meeting like-minded individuals who might be outside their daily networks. While they collaborate with each other, they get advice and valuable feedback from local entrepreneurs.

The weekend is centered around action, innovation, and education. Whether you are looking for feedback on an idea, a co-founder, specific skill sets, or a team to help you execute, Startup Weekend is the perfect environment in which to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup.

Startup Weekend has held 3,000+ events in 150+ countries around the world. In 2018 we had 968 events including 68,460 attendees and 2,873 organizers (volunteers) in 701 cities (200 new cities) of 111 countries. And in Greater China, mainland and Taiwan, we had 49 events including 3,500 participators in 19 cities.

The Shenzhen Startup Weekend will last for 2.5 days from May 10-12, Friday night to Sunday, focusing on AI, Big Data, IoT, mobile technology, AR/VR, Blockchain, medical technology, and others. Whether you are a business person who has already embarked on a business journey, or someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, software development, or product design, or even if you are a student at school, as long as you love technology, are passionate about startups and are willing to share, you are welcome to participate in startup weekend event!




Startup weekend will immerse you in a magical entrepreneurial experience.

本次深圳创业周末活动从5月10-12日,周五晚至周日,为期2.5天,聚焦AI, BigData, IOT,移动科技,AR/VR, 区块链和科技医疗等领域。无论你是已经踏上了创业征程,还是对创业充满热情的市场营销、软件开发、产品设计等方面的职场人士,又或者还是一位在校学生,只要你热爱科技,拥有热情,愿意分享,都欢迎参与startup weekend创业周末活动!


1. 跨界跨文化交互后灵感诞生的欣喜

2. 组建团队,与共同灵魂的相遇的兴奋与刺激

3. 市场调研的真实,理想与现实激烈碰撞的痛苦

4. 从点到面的衍生研发过程

5. 投资人的尖锐与挑战

6. 现场团队之间的激烈竞争

7. 学会如何最大限度的把创业点子变成可实施创业项目

During the 54 hours, you can expect:

1. The joy of inspiration and new ideas from cross-cultural teamwork

2. Form a team, the excitement, and the excitement of meeting with like-minded friends

3. Understand the truth of market research, and the pain of colliding with reality

4. Learn about the development process from start to finish

5. What investors expect from your new startup while fundraising

6. Intense competition between on-site teams

7. Learn how to maximize the idea of starting a business into an entrepreneurial project

You will not only have a fierce brain collision with 60 creative Chinese and foreign partners but also have an in-depth idea exchange with mentors. Your mentors come from diverse backgrounds spanning brand design, business consulting, concept creation, community growth, research scholars, supply chain management, industrial design, robotics, IoT, AI education, health care, and smart manufacturing, blockchain, software development and other fields of expertise. Their experience comes from different countries such as China, the United States, France, Thailand, India, Brazil, and Norway, to name a few. Even more, you might have the opportunities to get found by Chinese and foreign investors.


This event will be held in the beautiful space of Unova, which is as fantastic as Alice’s Wonderland, and will help to stimulate your inspiration.


After suffering 54 hours of sleepless work, the collision of different ideas, the frustrating of dreams crashed to the reality, and the exchange of cross-border thinking, your thoughts might be completely subverted. At that moment, you will find the inspiration to create a new creation. Please join us, let your ideas come true, within just 54 hours, only at Startup Weekend!

在经历了54小时废寝忘食的投入,不同想法的碰撞,梦想照进现实的残酷,跨界融合的聚合反应之后,你的思维可能会彻底颠覆,从而打开一个全新的视野,开启认知新篇章!赶快参与我们,在startup weekend让你的创业点子在54小时内快速演化,成为现实吧!

Scan the QR code to sign up and find out more details about the event. There are a limited number of early bird tickets and group signups available. Hurry up!


Finally, a special thanks to the venue provider: Unova.

Unova,to the ideal era!



4001 Road-show Room, 4th Floor, Rainbow Metropolis, Close to the intersection of Caitian Road and Fuhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


Please add our community assistant Letty on wechat if you have questions about the event. She will try her best to help you.