Sports clubs in Shenzhen


Shenzhen 3 Mark Culture & Sports Development & Management Company Limited is an independent yet associated with 3 Mark Group Limited (from now on: “3Mark”) which was established in Hong Kong in 2007, company has been providing branding design, business project development & management services to emerging companies.

In 2015, 3 Mark Group has expanded into China and formed Shenzhen 3 Mark Culture & Sports Development & Management. Company Limited, we developed our brands based in Shenzhen.

They are:

SHENZHEN BLUES, The first official Manchester City supporters club in China, focused on promoting MCFC and hosting social and charitable events for the fans and local communities; JUNIOR BLUES, an extended brand under Shenzhen Blues, focusing on developing football training services into the local community.


TITAN ATHLETIC CLUB, which providing youth sport related training outside of school. Our sports programs are designed for age 2 – 15+ years old, which includes: Football, Basketball, Physical Education Development (Gymnastic), Tag Rugby and Dance (Hip Hop & Zumba). We use English teaching method with bilingual implementation.

Based on our students (players) physical and psychological status, plan out a variety of exciting games and drills, training in a progressive manner!
Our goal is to encourage and cultivate young players continuous interest and habits in sports, strengthen their physical ability and team spirit, improving social skills as well as enhancing self-confidence.

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