Smart Shenzhen” Innovative Products Showcase 2018 is one of the important activities of Edinburgh-Shenzhen Smart Innovation Week.

Location: Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh

Date and time: July 13. 2018,  Friday

You can:
A presentation of business and collaboration opportunities in and from Shenzhen, China – a city of innovation and a UNESCO recognized the City of Design.
Gain insight into the creative visual media sector, the DNA biopharmaceutical industry, and mobile medical/nursing management from three winning Shenzhen companies in the 3rd ‘Create in Edinburgh’ competition.
Learn about the latest designs and innovative products from Shenzhen.

Network with the Shenzhen delegation and other Scottish businesses.

About Shenzhen

Shenzhen is one of the best cities of innovation in China and one of the best Chinese cities deemed as a “model city of IPR protection”. It encourages innovations and has a sound IPR protection system. In 2017, the total R&D investment has surpassed RMB 90 billion, accounting for 4.13% of GDP. Shenzhen is home to over 11,000 national-grade high and new technology enterprises, which including the world-renowned high-tech enterprises, such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, BYD Auto, BGI, and DJI.

Shenzhen was named:
A city of Design (By UNESCO)
A Global Model for the Promotion of Reading (By UNESCO)
The most innovative city in mainland China (Forbes China)
The most successful economic zone among 4,300 zones (Economist).


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Lofree Dot Keyboard

Lofree Dot Keyboard is designed with singular spherical round keycaps. It makes typing easier and faster. The keyboard switches are chosen carefully, to make it sound exactly like a typewriter. The keyboard is engineered to support every device, whether its Mac, iOS, Windows or Android.


Lofree POISON M Speaker

With the vintage outlook, Lofree POISON M Speaker aims to bring back your memory. With the function of radio, auto and manual FM can bring the best programme to you. Meanwhile, the sound quality of the speaker is extremely outstanding, the distortion is less than 1%. Lofree POISON M Speaker is a perfect product which you can not miss.


Lofree QTV Speaker

Lofree QTV Speaker is a retro tv-inspired speaker with modern functionalities. It has 2 customizable alarms, you can personalize it to anything you want. With QTV Speaker, you can start your morning off on the right foot with your favorite songs. it embedded 40mm full frequency and the backward speaker will make you feel like you’re surrounded by the music.
It’s a speaker, alarm, and timer. The Lofree QTV’s unique design and modern amenities are what makes it one of a kind.


Lofree Digit Calculator

The Lofree Digit is a wireless vintage inspired mechanical number pad and calculator. it built with mechanical buttons to type even better than the membrane switches. Crunch your numbers away in style. The Digit oozes that retro vibe and gives character to your space. It’s the best companion for your keyboard, laptop or iPad. It can work as a calculator as well.


Lofree Groovy Mat

The Groovy Mat is a stylish desk mat with built-in wireless charging. It is a mat large enough to protect your whole desk. It is comprised of three layers of premium material, you can work wirelessly with all Qi-compatible device. A 70% power conversion rate can fully charge your phone in 2.5 hours. The leather surface layer is water resistant, and the textured surface improves mouse precision. Groovy Mat comes with attachable non-slip paddings to keep it stationary. The Groovy Mat is simplistic, fast charging and adds character to your desk.


U-pen Lockbook

The U-pen Lockbook is a writing notebook with a biometric fingerprint sensor without sacrificing your style. We use high-quality ink-friendly paper – ideal for smooth writing.

Lockbook has multiple pockets so you can organize documents, pictures, cards, pens and any other item you need to keep on hand. Lockbook is the perfect combination of style, privacy, and efficiency.


U-pen Steel Wooden Signature Pen

The U-pen Signature Pen is made of natural wood and steel. The texture of the wood is retained natural. The longer the pen is used, the texture of wood becomes more enhanced. At the upper part of the pen is enclosed with a metal wheel inspired by the Tibetan traditional prayer wheel for people to spin and appreciate its aesthetics.

The signature pen has four series: Ebony whirligig, Rosewood whirligig, Rosewood square, and logs.


EDKY Bluetooth Earphone

EDKY Bluetooth Earphone is well-designed sports earphones, Ultra-thin smart-memory metal strips rest lightly on your shoulders while you are exercising. The Built-in magnets let the two earphones attach together when not using.



SMART Shenzhen is a platform dedicated to overseas enterprises, makers, and innovators by offering one-stop service of Industrial design and Supply chain management. By providing standardized services, we quickly transfer the designers’ creativity into practice & products. In addition, this platform offers integrated services, such as design, supply chain, and brand promotion, in order to assist overseas entrepreneurs to conquer difficulties at a soft landing level.