Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017: Six Chinese Belles Are Lighting Up the Runway in Shanghai

Six Chinese Belles Are Lighting Up the Runway in Shanghai

Still months away, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the highest accolade in the modeling world, has become one of the top hits for all media.
This year, the VS show will spread its confetti on the catwalk stage to Shanghai, the first time in China. On Tuesday 28 November, fashionistas and Victoria fans will witness the gala together from all over the world.

Known as the most diverse fashion show, Victoria’s Secret has nearly 50% of the angels cast this year as Asian, black or Hispanic.  According to the revealed lineup, six Chinese models will hit the stage this year, which are: Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Sui He, Xiao Wen Ju, Xin Xie, as well as Estelle Chen, a French model of Chinese descent. If you don’t know them yet, as you’re checking the show out, soon you will. In the meantime, let’s have a glance at the six beautiful faces.



Liu Wen 刘雯

Liu Wen 刘雯

Liu Wen will walk in her fifth Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. She is also the first ever Asian model who blazes on this stage, and one who ever makes Forbes magazine’s annual highest-paid models list. Born on 27 January 1990, Liu Wen has become one of the brightest fashion stars in China. She first established her career with the Chinese editions of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Then broken onto the international stage in Paris on the Spring 2008 runways of Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Since then, Liu Wen has gradually become a fixture on all world-level runways and has received some honors in the fashion field. The New York Times named her ‘China’s first bonafide supermodel’ in 2012. Chinese and international fans widely love Liu Wen not just because of her smashing look and fashion taste. But also thanks to her image marked by amiability and frankness, so Chinese fans give her the nickname ‘big sister.’

Ming Xi (Native name: Mengyao Xi)

Ming Xi

Ming Xi (Native name: Mengyao Xi) is a local Shanghainese who was born on 8 March 1989, and she will strut on the stage in her hometown later this year. Victoria’s Secret frequenter has showcased its subsidiary line PINK, targeting younger ladies with cuter and pinker traits. Ming’s professional modeling career took off in 2011 after she walked for Givenchy Haute Spring Show.

In the same year, Ming also walked for Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Kenzo and John Galliano in Paris. Known for her delicate slit eyes marking the typical ‘Asian beauty’ in the modeling world, She has named as a top supermodel of the world and in high demand. Facing the sudden fame and fortune, Ming is quite laid-back and humble. She told CNN back in 2011 that she didn’t believe she was a model, and she thought it was surreal. ‘I had no preconception about fashion career. I tend to just go with the flow,’ Ming said. In today’s fashion and entertainment circle which is always criticised as a fair of vanity and hypocrisy, Ming’s attitude becomes particularly valuable.

Sui He 何穗

Sui He 何穗

Sui He was born on 23rd of September 1989 in Wenzhou, a beautiful seaside city in the Eastern coastline of China. She is well-known for the feast of fine silk robes, elegant lingerie, and dreamlike angel wings. As the second Asian model for this show after Liu Wen, Sui made her VS debut in 2011 and was the first East Asian model to open a Ralph Lauren runway show.

Besides, Sui was also the first Chinese face for Shiseido, the Japanese beauty giant. Sui is perfectly in line with China’s conventional criteria of beauty, and her Chinese fans often refer to as ‘He Xiangu,’ one of the eight immortals in the Taoist pantheon, who is believed to be one of a gorgeous goddess in Chinese legends. 

Xiao Wen Ju 雎晓雯

Xiao Wen Ju 雎晓雯

Xiao Wen was born on 19 May 1989 in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, and this would be the second time she hits the runway of Victoria’s Secret. Though a bit of a novice for this grand gathering of fashionistas, Xiao Wen is undoubtedly an old hand to the catwalk.

She had walked for many high fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada, and Tory Burch since 2010. She was also the first Chinese face of Marc Jacobs. When she is away from the spotlight, Xiao Wen is probably the most fun one to hang out and have a laugh together.

She is known as a cat lover and a selfie pro, thanks to the whimsy and quirky photos she has posted on Instagram, which has brought her loads of fans. Humorous smartness adding the cute and dollish face, Xiao Wen has gradually become one of the fashion icons with high influence. I bet you can never neglect her parade in this year’s VS show.

Estelle Chen 陈瑜

Estelle Chen 陈瑜

Although She is a new face for Victoria’s Secret, she’s familiar with the international model world. Born in China in 1998, Estelle was raised in France and learned French culture from her dad, a French citizen. She learned Chinese traditions from her mother, who moved to France when she was 22. Therefore, she is probably the most multi-cultural model among the squad. Influenced by her parents who own a clothes shop in Paris, Estelle has developed extraordinary sensitivity towards fashion.

As young as 14, Estella was spotted by a talent scout from Elite Model Management during a walk in Paris with her parents. Officially started her adventure in the fashion world with an award of ” Elite Model Look” in the annual modeling contest organized by the same company in the second year.
Even still at a young age, Estelle has already nailed the credits of a few international brands. She was the only Asian face of Dior Haute Couture 2015/2016 in Paris. Naturally modeling is far from what she wants, after the VS show this year, Estella will apply to study economics at HEC Paris, one of the most prestigious economic schools in the world.

Xie Xin 谢欣

Xie Xin 谢欣

She is a bit unfamiliar for the outsiders of the fashion circles, as you can barely find any information about her on the Internet.  But soon after this November, it was considered that Xie Xin would catch more attention. Xie was born in 1995 in Guangdong and is a graduate of Guangzhou Textile and Garment Vocation School.

She was scouted by SMG Model Management China, and then started her modeling inauguration. The cover model for a few renowned fashion magazines including Vogue, Femina, Cosmopolitan entering the fashion world. In 2016, Xin walked for the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and had then caught the eyesight of the public. Xin is expected for a more successful career, and the Victoria’s Secret will be the booster of her beautiful future.

‘Ni Hao, Shanghai – From its iconic skyline to its major fashion cred. “China’s vibrant, modern metropolis makes the perfect backdrop for the world’s sexiest runway”  slogan posted on Victoria’s Secret official website. Now that the date of the show announced, the world is waiting for the star-studded lingerie show to take off its first maiden voyage in China. Let’s look forward to the outstanding performance of our six Chinese supermodels.