Donghai Airlines officially announced the first intercontinental and direct flight from Shenzhen to Darwin starts from Today (May 30, 2018 ). Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, It was named after British biologist Darwin who visited this place in 1839.
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Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft

The flight number of this route is DZ6223/4

Time: Shenzhen takes off at 01:30 and arrives at Darwin at 08:40 (Darwin’s local time);
Darwin takes off at 17:25 (Darwin’s local time) and returns to Shenzhen at 21:35. The flight time is about 5 Hours 40 minutes.


Darwin and the surrounding area

The city is located at the northern peak of Australia and is the bridgehead linking Australia and Asia. Darwin is the most concentrated city of Aboriginal Australians. A large proportion of residents in Darwin are immigrants who migrated from Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Darwin and the surrounding area is home to Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, where you can learn more about Australia’s Indigenous community. Darwin’s urban area has a local crocodile theme park, and the Darwin Museum and Art Museum.


The opening of this route will encourage trade, tourism and other exchanges between Shenzhen and Australia. From the Shenzhen-Darwin flight within one month of the first flight, there will be a substantial discount on airline tickets. The head of the East China Sea Aviation Department stated that the price will definitely surprise visitors.