Founded in Shenzhen in 2001, FashionSZshow has been cultivating the fashion industry persistently for 18 years and become one of the most influential professional fashion trade shows in China and Asia Pacific area.

With the core positioning of “Brand-Driven, Original Design, Business Networking, and Trend-Setting”, FashionSZshow2019 has evolved to embrace 2 main theme zones which are “Premium Label” and “Industrial Value Chain” to match with the growing demands of brand building and channel developments from OEM/ODM suppliers.

It provides a wide range of services in terms of an exhibition of products, catwalks, summits and forums, business matching activities, trend releases, design contests, fashion parties, and exhibitors’ awards in order to provide reference and guidance for the sake of innovative development of the industry. 

In 2018, with exhibit space of 110,000sqm, 1800 selected brands and designer brands exhibitors were gathered, attracted over 130,000 number of visits from 36 countries and regions during 3 days. FashionSZshow was unanimously recognized by exhibitors and visitors, with over 85% of exhibitor renewal rate.

Previous famous exhibitors included commercial fashion brand such as Marisfrolg, YINGER Fashion Group, ELLASSAY, Koradior, Aussie, Annel, KALTENDIN, DISSONA, Skechers and independent designer brands such as ANNAKIKI, MAXRIENY, DAMO WANG, JUNE, ALL COMES FROM NOTHING, LU JOE, Mordorf , HUAJIASTUDIO.

Globalization shapes the Chinese apparel industry into a diversified development mode. FashionSZshow seeks breakthroughs amount challenges with the comprehensive understanding of Chinese modern fashion market and looks forward to working together with our industry friends to explore and create a sustainable development path.

2019 Theme Area 

Based on the different needs among retail brands (includes independent designers and commercial brands)and OEM/ODM companies,FashionSZshow2019 embraces 2 theme zones:“ Industry Value Chain” and “ Premium Label”, for more efficient business matchmaking. 

Industry Value Chain | Hall 1&4

Gathering selected OEM/ODM specialists from the fashion supply chain, display high-quality collections with creative design, strong market sense and fashion solutions, including women and men’s wear, bags & shoes, fashion accessories, household products, etc.. A tremendous amount of procurements happened here each season by accurate connection with numerous fashion buyers from wholesale stores, clothing markets, fashion brands, and overseas customers. It is an efficient trade platform which represents the entire fashion supply chain under one roof. 

Modern Manufacture

Selected ODM/OEM, textile and garment production enterprises with stable supply chain and fast reaction to the modern fashion market, showcase high-quality products including down filled garments, coats, knitwear, jeans, silk products, etc..

Design Attitude

Gather products balanced with creative design and commercial sense, showcase original designer collections with distinctive style and premium quality in designs, fabrics, crafts, and silhouette, accurately dock purchase orders, wholesale and buyers.

Fashion Accessories

Selected high-quality lifestyle brands with creative designs, covering glasses, bags & shoes, accessories, and household products, etc., interpreting aesthetics power of fashionable lifestyle.

Fashion Solution

Experienced service providers from R&D, manufacturing, marketing and operation in the fashion industry chain, who provide tailor-made service systems and comprehensive solutions for the fashion industry. 

Premium Label

Exhibitors are included well-established commercial brands and unparalleled independent designer brands. Focused on retail channels development and brand promotion, we accurately connect exhibitors to professional fashion buyers coming from distribution agents, franchisees, collective stores, pro shops in clubhouses, department stores, e-commerce marketplaces, showroom, media, and investors are also included. Here is an authentic business communication platform where the creative idea goes down to business and design spirit to transform into actual commercial value. 

Hall 2 & Hall 3

Aesthetic Power

Gather well-established Chinese fashion commercial brands with unique designs, self-culture, and mature operation system, this sector speaks for the backbone of Chinese fashion design.

NEXT Showroom

NEXT showroom focuses on the incubation of emerging designers with talented design and business potential. By connecting designers to necessary business resources including fashion buyers, business channels, fashion media/KOLs, and investors, NEXT showroom grows artistic design to the fashion business.Who is the next fashion star?!


A special pavilion showcases high-quality shoes and creative leather goods brands from the Asian Pacific region, which integrate the pioneering design concept and commercial value.

Sustainability at FashionSZshow

The sustainable development strategy is crucial to how we make decisions and do the business every day. For 18 years, we have advocated and supported the implementation of sustainable development strategies in the exhibition and fashion industry to ensure long-term healthy development.

Customer Service: Always maintain close contact with our customers and provide sustainable solutions by continuously understanding and matching the needs of them every day. We strive for our business success by supporting our customers’ success in the fashion market.

Employee Care: Employees are an important part of our sustainability strategy. We provide professional skills and industry knowledge training to support career development. We encourage team-work spirit, we help employees challenge themselves to achieve higher career goals, also work effectively to get work-life balance.

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时尚深圳展 FashionSZshow

深耕行业十九载,中国(深圳)国际品牌服装服饰交易会,已成为亚太区举足轻重的服装服饰商贸平台。 “深圳服交会”积极求变创新,缩写“深圳服交会”正式更名为“时尚深圳展”以全新升级的形象与服务体系,助力服装服饰品牌、设计师及高端供应链企业在中国时尚产业的商业成功。

展览时间:2019年7月4-6日     展览地点:深圳会展中心

核心定位: 品牌导向  | 原创设计  | 商业落地  | 趋势引领

重要数据:展览面积110,000 平方米 |  展商数量1,800+ | 参展国家地区36+ | 海内外媒体 300+ | 参观人次130,000+

Event Details

Event Date:  Thursday, July 4, 2019 (All day) – Saturday, July 6, 2019 (All day)

Pricing Info: Free entry

Booking Phone Number:  400-832-9333



The first session of China International Fashion Brand Fair-Shenzhen was officially held in Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair Exhibition Center. The theme of the show was the “North-South Dialogue of Women’s Wear in China ”.

2005 International Cooperation, Developed Synergy

China International Fashion Brand Fair-Shenzhen officially moved to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in 2005. In the same year, it was endorsed by UFI and became the most important fashion trade platform in the Asia-Pacific area.

2008 Built Women’s Brand Specialized Area

Shenzhen was the first city in China to accept the title of “City of Design” by UNESCO. At the 8th China International Fashion Brand Fair-Shenzhen, 20 famous women’s wear enterprises in Shenzhen, including Marisfrolg, ELLASSAY, Embryform, Yinger, TANGY, and MYTENO, were shortlisted in the first batch of regional brand list, with a great image appearing all over the world, opening a new era of women’s wear development in Shenzhen.

2010 Industry Linkages Hit Another Historical High

Based on the concept of “Designed to make a difference”, a creative design exhibition area and a lifestyle living area had been set up specifically, to create a stunning fashion exhibition area and a diversified fashion industry chain for promoting the integrated development of creative design, ODM , brand building and the end customer market.

2013 Transformation and Upgrade

The 2013 China International Fashion Brand Fair-Shenzhen was presented with a new theme of “Moving Rhyme”. Fashion rhythm and the dynamics of the city together adorned life. The open slogan “What’s Yours?” aroused people’s interests and encouragement towards the development of the fashion industry and personalized fashion attitudes

2014 Original Design & Innovation Breakthrough

2014 China International Fashion Brand Fair-Shenzhen repositioned itself from traditional professional trade show to creative design platform. In order to support the original fashion design, the “Future Star” theme area was set up, gathering best fashion designs from all over the country

2015 Crossover and Win-win

Aligning with the successful launch of the Shenzhen Fashion Week and the rapid growth of the fashion industry in Shenzhen, fashionSZshow2015 turned to a trendy and business-oriented fashion feast. During the period, the introduction of new brands, the integration of up-and-downstream and cross-border resources for design innovations as well as business opportunity maximization became core driving forces of the show.

2018 Brand-Driven, Original Design, Business Networking, Trend-setting

With the abbreviation officially changed to“FashionSZshow” in 2018, we aim to keep supporting the sustainable growth of the fashion industry under such globalization environment. Our core positioning is “Brand-Driven, Original Design, Business Networking, Trend-setting”, which means we serve the industry as a professional trade platform by integrating resources in the whole fashion supply chain.