Shenzhen Design Week



Society is great and the idea is very small.

but practice a little idea can promote this society a small step forward

We invite you take this step

on March 4 Saturday 14:30 @ Nanshan Museum on the first floor of the lecture hall

– Free of charge –

What is social innovation design?

Social innovation is a group of people, collaborative efforts, with innovative ways to solve a particular social or environmental problem.

In every story of social innovation,

All contain one

Unprecedented new thinking and action.

three minutes to understand what is social innovation design



What is the change?

Change the world from changing oneself, everyone can use innovation,

The concern for people and the world, standing in their own position to make change.

 Everyone can be a creator.

Student, businessman, white collar,

Scholar, journalist, doctor,

Tramp, scientist, lawyer,

Management consultants, investors, geeks,

Police, mom, chef,

IT engineer, designer, farmer, government official …

There are hundreds of possible changes

(Live to learn more stories)

Introduction to activities 1hour cinema

Documentary “Creator” show

Social innovation platform BottleDream founder A dish, in 2012 to 2014, with a camera, all raised 160,000 yuan, across four continents, more than 30 cities, shooting 39 with a unique way to solve social problems of young The story of the creator, the self-change and change the world’s fresh inspiration, the possibility.

Nine girl

WHYHOW Thinking Creator sponsor

Media man

Social innovation practitioners

Natural Aesthetic Explorer

Autistic children with multiple reading developers


WHYHOW Thought Creation Society was founded in 2013, the implementation of social services through the excavation of the intrinsic value of people, launched the “pick up the house” project, for different special groups designed space related to local reconstruction projects, including rare disease, ADHD, mental disorders, Mental retardation, physical handicapped, sanitation family, single mother, urban village, cerebral palsy children, autism, dying family, through the space transformation is committed to “a city concept change.” The project includes “who will light up this little black house”, “not the old atrium” elderly home ability training program, pick up the house “more than” joint space stationed and so on.

Take the house

Tan Jingyuan

“One kilogram of box” designer

Social designer

One kilogram of boxes originated from public welfare activities “more back one kilogram”, from simple material assistance, to the country’s rural schools to provide innovative educational products. Help parents and teachers to easily open the necessary life skills education activities. Each theme box is set by a game-based task to encourage children to take the initiative to explore the group in a collaborative manner. The theme box includes a picture box, a creative box, a healthy garden box, a snack box, a scientific activity box, an earthquake box, a traffic box, a safety box, a water measurement box, and an anti-bullying box.




Taoyuan Station Exit B, walk straight along the Nanshan Avenue for five minutes

bus station

Nanshan Style Center, City 6 Hospital, Nanshan District Committee