Shenzhen Blog’s “International Columnist Program” is designed to empower the global millennial community through experiential learning and mentoring from internationally renowned experts. This program is designed to make students industry 4.0 ready and give a leadership experience while working with global students from various backgrounds and cultures.

During this program, you get access to meet people from various demographics work as a team and produce results that the world cares. This is designed keeping in the mind what “GEN-Z” should have to grab the opportunity while the planet is on the cusp of change!

 Market AnalystAnalystAssociateSenior Associate
Duration1 month2 Months2 Months3 Months
WorkMarket Analyst position an entry level program designed for students at any level.You will be publishing articles on your choosen topic.You will be leading an trio of analysts, Reviewing and mentoring new MA's and publishing your own content.As an Associate you will be content strategist, Will lead Team of Analysts, Explore new markets and startegise the end to end publishing process.Once you are here, You can work on the domain you wish! Marketing, Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Relations, Academic Partnerships, Human Resources and Technology. You will be part of company's decision making process.
PerksCertificateCertificate, LOR(Based on Performance)Certificate, LORCertificate, LOR , PPO with Promotion
EvaluationFrequency of publishing, Viewership Team's performance, ViewershipNew initiatives proposed, Team's performance, ExecutionPerformance in the domain you chose, Your networking skills, Initiative's execution.

Our Mentors

Zoe Eather

Smart City Enthusiast | Smart Region Advocate | Untraditional Engineer | Speaker | Podcaster

Nikhil Jain

Founder- ForeignAdmits & ViaSpeak | Career & Growth Mentor | GESS | APIA | HPAIR | PhD- IITB Monash | Gold ?| IIT BHU

Gavenraj Sodhi

Education and Healthcare Advisor at Shenzhen One Belt & One Road Economy and Technology Cooperative Association

Paramjeet Singh Berwal

Artificial Intelligence- Law, Policy, Economics, Philosophy

Anthony Wilson, MPH

Operations Analytics & Intelligent Automation for Financial Services at Ascension

Karen (Frederiks) van Hout

Development Partner for Passionate Female Professionals – Unleashing the Existing Potential | Diversity / Inclusion | Systemic ( Team) Counsellor/Coach & Trainer

Florent D’Souza

Marketing Communications Professional At-Large

International Columnist Program 2018

Shenzhen Blog’s “International Columnist Program” is designed to empower the global student community through experiential learning and mentoring from internationally renowned experts.


There’s no fixed number, your selection depends on how strong your profile is?

Mentoring is period where you get access to interact with an industry expert.

Mentoring takes online!

Yes, Provided you get promoted as analyst

You will get access to be mentored for 2 months during your role as the analyst. This meeting takes place online during weekends as mentors are very busy on weekdays.

No! The participation is entirely free of cost

No! We select the candidates based on their profiles.

On successful completion you’ll receive a certificate & letter of recommendation from CEO with PPO.

Yes,Provided your performance is good at every level!

Please refer evaluation criteria in the table.

It means that if your performance is good during Market Analyst/Analyst/Associate/Senior Associate, You will be promoted to level in hierarchy.

You will be given the perks and remain in the same position for one more month.

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