The gate of the community in Beijing, the standard is a brand that says “shared bicycles are forbidden”, which is the legacy of shared bicycles left to the city.

Under the vigorous wave of shared bicycle entrepreneurship, a variety of bicycles have emerged across the country. Orange Moby, yellow ofo, green cool ride… After 70, 80, 90, it is really a business venture for all ages. Shared bicycle startups quickly set up, the color is not enough, and the name is getting harder and harder.

Recently, ofo once again heard the news of the acquisition of Didi, the sharing of bicycles from the beginning of the birth of the controversial rumours. Although ofo has repeatedly rumored and denied, the industry is cold and the funds are tight (ofo is the only shared bicycle that is not excused), the outcome of ofo is not dominated by Dai Wei’s personal conviction.

If theo is acquired, the shared bicycle startup will eventually have a zero independent operation, creating a record of all the out teams of the founding team since the word was created.

Chaos begins with capital madness

In a parking lot in Tongan District of Xiamen, tens of thousands of bicycles were severely distorted and dismembered. There are no fewer than 20 such cemeteries in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In the winter of 2017, a snow buried the shared bicycles, no one is willing to ride the dirty bicycles, and the biting cold wind is not as warm as walking.

A large number of bicycles are piled up on the street. The dust is thicker and thicker. The new bicycles will eventually become a pile of garbage.

Unfortunately, these shared bicycles eventually became public nuisances. Like the party on the square, the crowd dissipated the chewing gum that was filled with the land.

A few thousand bicycles, ordinary people are not willing to spend so much money to buy, but they are so stunned. Many people think that this is a great waste of social resources. Even if the capital burns money, it can be a waste of the relationship with the money.

Sharing bicycle companies

In the winter of 2016, the capital once had such a short period of calm. The bursting of the bubble and the coldness of the winter make everyone reflect and feel painful. Almost all investment institutions are calling for profit, commercial efficiency and return to value.

The cycling rate is constantly decreasing.

After the tide of sharing bicycles, the market is full of excitement. There are platforms, there are preaching, there are bet naked rides. Soon, Moby and ofo swept China’s top investment institutions.

According to public data, only Mobike and ofo have a total amount of financing of more than 4 billion US dollars, equivalent to more than 25 billion yuan.

According to the average cost of 500 yuan, the money raised by Moby and ofo can put 50 million bicycles, which is equivalent to one bicycle per person in all the three cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

The financing speed of Moby and ofo is a miracle in the history of Chinese venture capital.

Unused bicycles