Programmers of today are the wizards of tomorrow


Coding is an incredibly empowering skill. It is something that is very close to a supernatural power. Programmers of today are the wizards of tomorrow.

We give certain inputs and write a piece of code that brings out the desired output. Nobody can help you better than yourself in programming. You can think that you can learn it by watching videos or attending some tutorials …that’s a myth.

You can certainly get assistance in getting familiar to syntax, but building up the logic to the problem is your part of work, which comes through practice.

To write a code for a problem, we must first understand the different constraints associated with the problem. First, start working with the least number of inputs possible and try generalizing it.

For example, if you have to find the average of n numbers, first try writing code for finding the average of 2 numbers and check if the output obtained is correct or not. If yes…great! you are moving in the right direction…now generalize it for n numbers.

The whole beauty of programming lies in generalizing, keeping in mind all the constraints. Programming is no different from math To enhance programming skills, one has to improve their problem-solving abilities, which can be obtained by solving many numerical, mental ability problems etc which will help one to think out of the box.

Today we have the ease to live, it’s all because of programming.

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