PechaKucha Night is back in collaboration with OCT during the third edition of the OCT Phoenix Life & Art Festival.

Watch the sparks of creativity burns out, discover young talents and established masters, or simply savor the moment… The experience of being together, side-by-side under the stars: This is PechaKucha Night!

PKN Shenzhen – Volume #37 

10.06.2018 | OCT Stars Dome – Near OCT Sports Culture Center

10.06.2018 – 19:30 – 22:00 | Booking online

50 RMB | At the door

60 RMB | (Limited Place)

1 Ticket  + 1 Free Drink


Ian Rowen
Ian Rowen Professor – Scholar – Conceptual Artist

Professor of sociology, scholar, conceptual artist… the most exciting is maybe that Ian has been also the international advisor to “Burning Man” for years. Speaking of Burning Man – one of the most famous art festivals in the World held every year in Black Rock City (USA), it’s maybe the coolest thing ever.


Sonia 全国业余帆板赛组织人 – Aloha Beach Club创始人 Founder of Aloha Beach Club

Don’t ask yourself anymore what makes Sonia so attractive and unique? Probably the combination of beauty, sunshine, beach, and sports but also and definitively her free spirit that pushed her to make her daily life, a piece of art! Let’s find out in PechaKucha Night.


Kleber G Delgado 美国 旅行 – 作家- 国际教育顾问 Travel – Writer – International Education Consultant

Kleber got some magic power… It’s difficult to explain but with words and photos, he can make memories alive, just so real and present that he will let you feel you were with him in these exact moments. Listening to Kleber talking about his trips and experiences, it’s just like having the trip yourself. Come and feel it.


航空机长 PIGGY BANK 复古文化品牌主理人
Aircraft Captain – Brand Creator

After 12 years flying over the world from the abstraction of clouds, the pilot has decided to enter into the history, the beauty, the matter and the form – A journey into the retro aesthetic of objects and of the people who have made them and the ones that make them live every day. Please close your seatbelts, we are ready to take off.


陈超群 – Ms. Chen Chaoqun
Editor – Public Relation Expert

Now… Close your eyes peacefully and enter safely in a greener world. An “urban grass life” is expecting you, become a fellow of the grass and flowers, talk to the birds, get closer to nature, discover this alternative urban poetry… Interested? Ms. Chen will give you the keys to this universe.


张春玲 – Ms. Zhang Chunling 深圳红树林基金会(MCF)志愿者教师 – 三叶草故事家族栏目编辑 Shenzhen Mangrove Foundation (MCF) Volunteer

We all got ideal and belief of what should be… but so few of us really decided to become a soldier of a cause. Ms. Zhang is one of them, she volunteers herself for the public welfare and the mangrove protection and education. Bravo! Definitively an example and an inspiration for all of us!


黄秀萍 – Ms. Huang Xiuping
行知故里创办人 安贝拉教育机构创办人
Founder of Xingzhiguli

How could we resist to invite for the OCT Phoenix Festival, the founder of a project named “Bring Art to Countryside”? We are all so impatient and curious to know more about this amazing foundation. Art everywhere for everyone!


郑伟文 – 中国香港 – Mr. Zheng Weiwen
香港有机产业促进协会创会会长 Hello Kitty生态农庄创办人
Founder of Hello Kitty Ecological Farm

If you are following us for a while, that’s true… We love to invite intriguing people in order to always surprise and finally blow your mind… We believe we got a good one with Mr. Zheng founder of the Hello Kitty Ecological Farm. So did we succeed to arouse your curiosity? Come and discover what a decent businessman do with Miss Kitty?


Jesus Salazar 委内瑞拉
生态艺术家 摄影师
Geological Engineer – Photographer

We also invited Jesus – Incredible photographer and geological engineer with over 14 years experience, Mr. Salazar got a very specific perception of our world and its evolutions. Get your lens ready and closer…  We will discover some new perspectives of our global urban landscape, World Citizens!


PechaKucha Night is a global event happening in more than 1000 cities for a local community to discover art and design through lectures of diverse themes. It was devised in 2003 by Klein Dytham Architects(KDA) and has turned into a massive celebration inspiring creatives worldwide. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of conversation (“chit chat”), it rests on a simple presentation format: 20 images x 20 seconds. Presenters show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically as the presenter talks along to the images. PechaKucha Night is trademarked to protect all the effort and hard work of PKN city organizers. Pecha Kucha Night is for content and not profit. Riptide has been authorized as the official organizer in Shenzhen city since 2009 and has held successfully more than 36 events.

_________________LocationMETROOCT(Line 1, Exit B, walk 100m along Xinglong street)BUS Hexiangning Art Museum (Pass by Walmart and walk 600m along Xinglong Street West)

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