Shenzhen based startup Orbbec is a leading 3D camera manufacturer in the world. The company was founded by Brad Long Liu, Howard Yuanhao Huang, Joshua Blake, Luke Xiaolu Mei, and Zhenzhong Xiao in 2013.

The company boasts of being a top startup in Shenzhen, China as well as around the world with the best of talent working for them. In May 2018, the innovative tech startup announced the closing of its Series D round of funding raising $200 million from Ant Financial, SAIF Partners, Green Pine Capital, Fosun RZ Capital, and Tianlangxing Capital. Orbbec became one of the top Shenzhen startups for 2019 after the completion of this round.

Orbbec was founded in 2013 by a group of passionate engineers and researchers who all shared a belief that 3D cameras would revolutionize computing. And today, we have more than 500 employees, and our team has created the best 3D cameras available.

As one of the global leading providers of 3D cameras with mass production ability, we have thousands of customers and partners around the world. we are committed to excellence in everything we do—from creating our own silicon chip and patented structured light pattern, to designing a 3D camera with the best accuracy, range, resolution.

3D cameras already permeate our daily life and can be designed into a wide range of products to make our lives more enjoyable. we believe that in the future, it will be hard to remember a time when computers or mobile didn’t have 3D cameras. Whether you call it artificial intelligence or simply intelligent computing like we do, we believe this will be the new baseline for what people expect out of their computing devices.

Product Introduction

Body Tracking SDK

Orbbec designed the Body Tracking SDK to make 3D cameras more intelligent about us and our world. Orbbec Body Tracking enables computers to use the 3D data from our cameras to see and understand human bodies. Developers can use this SDK with Orbbec 3D cameras to create intuitive and innovative applications that unlock the potential of 3D vision.


Concept and Design

ORBBEC developed all the core technologies of the Astra series camera, including the optical design, depth calculation algorithm, ASIC, and SDK

In-House Mass Production

ORBBEC manufactures thousands of 3D cameras daily, and have incrementally increased production with algorithms that optimize the internal process.

Diverse Application

Products can adapt to the needs of diverse vendors for diverse application scenarios and can be widely used in television, mobile devices, robots, VR/AR and other fields.

Product Introduction

Astra Stereo S

Astra Stereo S combines all the benefits of Astra series and added support for outdoor and multi-camera applications. This advanced 3d camera has another trick up its sleeve! A lot of depth applications require the need for multiple cameras, especially in retail environments. The Astra Stereo S solves this problem by allowing 3D cameras to be placed in close proximity to one another.

The Astra Stereo S provides computer vision that enables dozens of functions for close range high precision applications such as retail, automotive, robot picking, objective measurement, and home security etc.see-astra-video

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