Have you noticed the official website of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau couldn’t be found recently? Then you start to search other websites to check if there is anything wrong with your internet…

Don’t worry! Nothing is wrong with your internet. It’s just because the official website of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau is changed. The original one is out of service now.

If you need to do foreigner affairs such as online appointment for visa application in Shenzhen, application for reporting loss of passport, application for registration of new born child in China, overseas personnel temporary residence registration and so on, please go to the new website.

New site: http://ga.sz.gov.cn/

And thereupon the QR code of the webpage for online temporary residence registration is changed.The official account in WeChat 深圳公安 (input szga-110 to search it) remains the same.

Since some places for expatriate temporary residence registration are also moved, some expats, especially who live in Shekou Sub-district, Zhaoshang Sub-district and Shenzhen Bay Community, may need to go to the new places for registration.

Below are addresses and consultation hotline of temporary residence registration in Nanshan District.

Shekou Police Station

Shekou Management and Service Center for ExpatsAddress: The intersection of Nanshui Street and Shiyun RoadTel: 2667 8381

Shenzhen Bay Police Station

AddressNo.1, Shenzhen Bay Anwan Six StreetTel: 19925385642 8667 9901

Zhaoshang Police Station

Zhaoshang Police StationAddress: No.23, Gongyuan RoadTel: 2683 7005

Shekou Net Valley Management and Service Center for Expats

Address: 1F, Block B, 2# Technology Building, Shekou Net Valley, Gongye 6th Road

Tel: 2161 9120

Nantou Police Station

Address: No.3888, Nanshan Boulevard

Nanshan Police Station

Address: No. 1124, Nanshan Boulevard, Tel: 2643 3317

Shahe Police Station

Address: 1F, No. 12, Shizhou North Road, Tel: 2675 4207

Yuehai Police Station

Address: No. 95, Xuefu Road Tel: 2655 5685

Xili Police Station

Address: Xili Police Station, No.8, Xili South Road, Tel: 2662 2257

Gaoxin Police Station

Eco-Technology Park Service station of Management and Service  Center for Expats

Address: 1st Floor, Bldg 9-B, Shenzhen Bay Eco-Technology Park, #3609 Baishi RoadTel: 2693 9004

Tanglang Police Station

Address: Fuguang Police Affair Room, building A, Chongwen Garden, Taoyuan street

Tel: 2640 1405

Contributor:  MSCE – Shenzhen.

About MSCE

Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats was set up on June 28th, 2017,  which is the first management and service center for expats operated by the Shenzhen Government Shekou Sub-District Office and authorized by the Exit-Entry Administration of Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

Shekou MSCE is devoted to making expats’ life more convenient in Shekou. It offers a variety of administration, consultation and community services including expats’ residence registration, guidance for public services, regular law consulting and visa consulting services, community activities, etc., and features five activity series, Legal Sessions, Discover Shenzhen, Language Exchange, Amazing Culture and Coffee Morning.