China’s first NASA exploration of the solar system as its theme exhibition “Stardom” universe special exhibition landing on July 8.

Astronauts have come!

Developed by the American Space and Rocket Center, official visitor center of NASA and jointly designed by the world’s pioneering creative team, Creative’s special exhibition of the universe, “Stardom Wonderland”, is about to land in Shenzhen on July 8th, 2018! NASA half a century since this will show results of exploration, here is not just the children of the solar system space summer vacation destination, is also a big friend space enthusiasts, amateur astronomers, science fiction fans of Star punch Holy Land!

This is the first stop of “Stardom” in South China and It is also the fifth stop of the global tour.

The previous few stations have already attracted a lot of fans.

What kind of exhibition is it?
Can you attract take your friends to visit?

The “Special Planet Earth” special exhibition (original name: Neighborhood Earth) was first held in February 2017 at the National Space and Rocket Center, the space museum of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This event mainly tells the story of mankind exploring the solar system. It aims to present a space science journey that broadens the scope of vision, entertains people, and makes a lot of sense.

Cosmic 360° Wraparound Planet Cinema

This exhibition, the invincible “Star Cinema” is definitely a major highlight! 14 ultra-heavy ring screens create a magnificent planet scenery, 8.1 surrounds sound, ultra high-definition projection, allowing you to 360-degree immersed in the vast galaxy.

In the theater, you can see the precious pictures of the blue sunset recorded by NASA spacecraft, the lightning storm of Venus, and the big red spot of Jupiter. The theater center 2.6-meter-high giant “planet”, video content can be combined with changes in real-time, face to face so that we feel the unique charm of different planets.

Main exhibition area – Museum-class space exhibits

In addition to the majestic planet cinema, “Star Wonderland” is the main exhibition area on the L1 floor of the Upper City Station. It brings museum-class space exhibits from the American Space and Rocket Center.

Includes a variety of museum-class space exhibits Jade Rabbit, 1:1 Original Model International Space Station NASA Apollo Moon Planner Space Suit NASA next generation of Mars spacesuit, etc.

It is definitely a treasure for astronomers and fans! The main exhibition hall includes a moon landing area, a holographic science education area, a spacecraft model area, an international space station area, and five major areas of the Mars area.

But “Little Whites” don’t have to worry about reading
The organizer has created an interesting tour guide for everyone
About the Moon, Mars, Spacecraft, International Space Station…
All condensed into one small story
With the “Star Trailer” on site, you can easily increase your knowledge

Moon landing area

The moon landing area includes the Apollo A7-L moon space suit.
Lunar rover and its tool rack model
The core equipment of the NASA Apollo Project

Holographic Science Area

9 holographic floating planets and 9 large touch screens
Formed an interactive encyclopedia area in your fingertips.

International Space Station Area

You can also see NASA’s real-time observation of Earth’s live video

And real-life space station astronauts

Let you enjoy a “space addiction”

1:1 Restoring International Space Station Model

Like a science fiction movie

Absolutely satisfy your curiosity with the capsule



Mars area

A NASA Z-2 space suit was exhibited “The Curious” Mars Rover Interacting with the Mars Colony

Strong sense of technology and sense of substitution Let us on earth plan our future “home” on Mars! So many precious models exhibits floating over the sea Absolutely let you feast your eyes!

Traveling to the moon.

1.2.3 Holding hands, 4.5.6 raises his head, 7.8.9 we cross to the moon! In this exhibition, we will create a star tunnel to the moon for the friends who are on the scene! First of all, everyone will “start” on the earth, get rid of gravity and enter the interstellar tunnel and start walking in the universe.

Along the way, everyone can see the starlight from the planet of hundreds of billions of stars in space, and the end of the tunnel is the destination of the journey—the moon! With the pace of walking, the footprints of each spectator will also be left on the moon, becoming the most precious memory in this journey to the moon!

NASA Astronaut Live Talk

The astronaut had seen it on television, but it was not a special dream to face to face with the astronaut. And this was former US Air Force colonel, NASA retired astronaut Terry Virts (Terry Wertz), who had participated in many space missions between 2010 and 2015 and had lived on the International Space Station for 213 days. So far, only four astronauts in the world have completed the four tasks of driving the spacecraft to explore space, perform missions on the Russian Union spacecraft, complete space missions, and serve as the commander of the International Space Station.

Terry Virts is one of them. one! In the first week, Terry Virts will share his space experience with the unique perspective of the astronauts. This may be the first time in your life to see the “astronaut” opportunity, not to be missed!

In addition, there are many super fun contents waiting for you to experience in “The Wonderland of the Planet”! For example, astronomy class, space workshop, interesting planet knowledge quiz interaction, etc., can also be selected in the space store Hyun burst friends circle of space peripheral products.


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Exhibition Notes

Exhibition date:

July 8, 2018 – September 2, 2018

※One case per week is closed, and other statutory holidays are normally open.

Exhibition time:
10:30-21:30 (no admission will be accepted at 21:00)
Exhibition address:
No. 5001 Huanggang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Shenye Shangcheng M, L1, L2 Floor

Ticket Notes

This summer, for space enthusiasts, astronomers and star fans, it is definitely a good place to go! Learn while playing with the “Star Wonderland” exhibition, and explore the mysteries of the universe together.