The Canvas of Music

The literal translation of Chinese company name “音乐画布” is “the canvas of music.” There is a unique story behind each MUSICANVAS product, in this era where everyone seeks originality. It is more than an interesting ornamental item, and it’s a portable radio or the Bluetooth speaker.
Each product has its own story regarding the design and implementation of it. With changeable appearances, modern artisan art jointly presents the tactile quality of the old objects and make a different visual impact for people.


As a representative work of MUSICANVAS series, Originals is the one that can best present the original design of a radio speaker. Designers chose the three most simple colors—black, white and gray—to show the product’s core design concept –the retro and hedonism. Although the black lines seem to be austere, they precisely drew the minimal outline of the radio. This makes people think that the radio is an old item that has been placed at home since their childhood.


Mendelian, it is not difficult to see the intention of the designer from the name Mendelian. This work not only pays respect to Mr. Mondriaan–the originator of “De Stijl Style,” but also to express the designer’s hedonism through the iconic tricolor-grids.


The speaker AutoCAD demonstrates the beauty of multi-angle modern industry through a three-dimensional engineering graphic. It has the complicated design, close-packed lines, carefully drawn arcs and triangles, the influential industrial atmosphere and the precise model. It seems that AutoCAD’s specific design with pure black and white colors can better meet the needs of Virgos and people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Look, balance, transformation, and conservation. Salt is the flesh; sulfur is the soul; mercury is the spirit. And those three elements constitute all things in the world. Speaker is the salt; play is sulfur; music is mercury. And these three circulating elements form the eternal MUSICANVAS Pyramid. The legend that lizard touches silver and turns it into the gold hasn’t been erased. The lizard kept by the alchemist guards the balance between time and music in the forever-lasting silence, and it stars the power of music with its soul.

Broccoli Couple.

In which situation can the food be full of love? When you rub the hands and share a roasted sweet potato with the one, you love when you drink the wine and have the seafood hotpot with several ends on a winter night when you smell the food cooked by your mum. Taste buds travel from the nori of sushi to the moving feet of Alaska crab, and the broccoli couple jumps out of the steamed perch with sesame. Delicious food from everywhere turns into the love in the stomach. Ease the feet, eat the crab, drink some wine, and listen to songs. Then you will find that a foodie lives a happy life and has little trouble.

You may love listening to music and feeling your voice vibrating in the air. Open your mouth, chest out. Ah-Oh-Oh-. With the baton-waving up and down in the air, you follow the tempo and sing from one octave to another octave. Vaguely, you, with the mustache, wearing the black tailcoat, sing loudly in Wiener Musikverein of Vienna. Just like Pavarotti, Domingo, or Carreras. You are also our vocalist.


Poster, this name tells the story of an old musician’ s attitude towards music.

The design of the speaker was inspired by a bar in Brooklyn, New York. The designer chose warm colors as the tone of the whole design. The old style and match color make the speaker more like something from 1980s US East Coast. Through this “radio,” you can see a former singer who still has the music dream sitting in a small bar corner in Brooklyn, singing songs one after another in the dim light.