When it comes to Motorola, it will always be the brand of a mobile phone. But you know, there are many other interesting stories in other fields. Let’s take everyone to learn about it today.

As we all know, Edison invented the lamp, Bell invented the phone, Carl Mercedes invented the car, Martin Cooper invented the phone.

Let’s use this video to show you how Motorola became an innovator who never stopped.

The Motorola brand was not called Motorola in the 1920s but was named Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

The origin of the name was in 1930 when Calvin Manufacturing invented the car radio and named it “Motorola.” It consists of two words “motor” and “ola”. The motor represents the car, ola represents the sound, and the two words are combined to derive the word Motorola.

In World War II, Motorola produced an adjustable-frequency walkie-talkie that could be used within a mile range. After that, the SCR536 wireless walkie-talkie was developed.

Because of the massive purchase of the US military, Motorola has become a world-renowned communications company. At that time, the United States Corps of Signal Corps who was carrying the Motorola intercom on the battlefield had become a very classic image of the Americans in World War II.

After the end of World War II, in 1947 the Calvin brothers officially changed the name of the company to Motorola and established the first-generation company logo.

Until 1955, Motorola upgraded the previous English LOGO with artistic fonts to the classic uppercase “M” bat, and it has been used until now. Although Motorola’s LOGO has evolved many times today, its brand name has not changed since 1947!

The top of the two triangles in the “M” logo of the bat symbol capitalizes on the top of the enterprise.

The TVs you watch now are all square, but you know, before 1963, all the TVs in the world were stereotyped round screens.

Since Motorola invented the world’s first rectangular color picture tube, it has succeeded in making amazing achievements in the television industry and quickly became the industry’s standard!

Motorola not only achieved extraordinary achievements in the television industry, but its products were also used by NASA in the Apollo program to allow humans to step into the universe.

“This is a personal step, but it is a big step for all humanity.”

You must have heard this sentence, even if you haven’t heard the original sentence, you must have seen a derivative version of the sentence in your perfect composition or toilet slogan. This sentence was the first sentence that was said by US astronaut Neil Armstrong in July 1969 when he stepped out of Apollo 11 and set foot on the moon.

It is Motorola’s wireless devices that have brought this landmark speech from outer space back to Earth.

From the quiet establishment of Calvin Company to the renamed Motorola has been used up to now, it has created many pioneering initiatives and created a precedent for the mobile phone industry.

Until today, Motorola still retains amazing creativity and high brand vitality. For instance, the launch of Moto Mods brings the mobile phone to modularity and redefines the modular mobile phone. It is different from the mainstream design, giving users more fun and enriching experience!

After reading this, do you have a new understanding of Motorola?

From its founding in 1928 to the introduction of modular mobile phones today, Motorola has created countless firsts in IT and communications. Through historical baptisms and interpretations, Motorola will have a different kind of charm.