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Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Ross is a Mexican artist, art project leader, curator, international journalist, and a member of the Mexican National Art Creators System (SNCA). Her avant-garde social and cultural activities cover the development of the arts, surveys, news, and community. She has persistently studied the interactions between art, environment, memory, feminism, politics, and society.

Elizabeth Ross’s personal work has always been concerned with women’s issues. Since 2018, she has devoted herself to exploring immigration and the living conditions of women across different regions. The most recent related project is called “Field Transfer” and won an important SNCA prize in Mexico. , as well as SNCA membership. At the same time, she is also the head of the Mexican China Women’s Video Festival.

At the same time, she is also very passionate about Chinese culture and has long studied at the Confucius Institute in Mexico. She is an ambassador for Chinese and Western cultural exchanges. In recent years, she has organized and planned a number of Chinese art exhibitions and events to promote Chinese culture to the Western world. He has lectured at many universities and art galleries in Mexico, Germany, Wales and Spain, and has written for a number of professional magazines and disseminated Chinese culture.


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This lecture is designed to let us understand the work of contemporary Mexican women artists and how Mexico’s social and artistic world is enriched by its active presence. In addition, we hope to build a bridge of knowledge between Chinese and Mexican women artists.

At the beginning of the last century, there was a turning point in the history of Mexican art. After the revolution of 1917 was over and the birth of the New Mexico Republic, the field of art was dominated by men. All painters and wall painters tried to educate people in the current transformation. These wall painters include the famous Rivera, Sequeiras and Orlosco, creators of the famous Mexican painting school, which set a standard line for Mexican art. At this time, a thin, weak young woman appeared on the scene.

Fridakaroo was a communist and painter. She did not draw a wall, nor did she focus her research on historical or social issues, but instead replaced it with difficulties and pain in her life. Human and female genders are the main identities of her artistic creation. Frida died in 1954 and is recognized as a great artist and communist. She was not the only famous female artist of that era because there were other female photographers, dancers, writers, and actors who initiated a new movement that represented the equality of communist ideology, and in many fields Afterwards, women’s art opens the door.

Since then, we can say that Mexican women artists work in other areas of breaking stereotypes in addition to working in traditional fields. Through their grasp of the media and continuous practice, they created their own artistic language and gained international acclaim.

Dulce Pinzón

Frida Kahlo

Laura Anderson Barbat

Laura Anderson Barbata

Marcela Armas

Remedios Varo

Remedios Varo



Elizabeth Ross


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