Manufacturing Prep & Factory Selection Tour

Finding and solving problems before they are built into the product is the best way to get to market faster and avoid the costly mistakes in manufacturing that can destroy your business. This manufacturing readiness program will help you:

  • Understand how ready your design is for manufacturing and provide suggested improvements to take it to the next level.
  • Get connected directly with factories who have the machines and experience to get your product made in China at the right price.

Who’s This For?

This program is built for any company that is not completely confident with their design for manufacturing and assembly or their current supply chain options.

What’s Included in this Package?

1) DFM Design Review – 10 Days

With our partners at Berkeley Sourcing Group who have reviewed and improved over 1,000 designs for manufacturing, we will review your current design files for their manufacturing readiness including:

  • Identifying red flags that must be corrected before production
  • Providing feedback and suggestions regarding critical features, processes and materials
  • Looking for opportunities for cost reductions
  • Making suggestions for improvements in reliability, quality, and safety.

2) Source Relevant Factories – 2 Weeks

Based on the updated design requirements, we will tap into our extensive existing supplier database as well as research new factory options to find the best options for your manufacturing needs.

3) Factory Visits – 2 Days

An experienced, bilingual, English/Chinese, manufacturing project manager will accompany you to visit the factories you have chosen to provide translation, answer questions that arise, and help you assess the factory’s capabilities and fitness for your business needs. Transportation costs are included for all factories within 60 miles of Shenzhen.

What is the Outcome?

Upon completion of the program you can be rest assured that your product design has been reviewed by manufacturing experts and know the next steps to take with factories that you have visited and discussed your product with in-person. For a small investment, you can make huge steps forward in your confidence and be well prepared to bring your exciting new product to market!

 your product with in-person. For a small investment, you can make huge steps forward in your confidence and be well prepared to bring your exciting new product to market!

Make the most of your in Shenzhen by purchasing this program in conjunction with the Manufacturing Bootcamp.This can also bepurchased as a standalone program anytime.

*After purchase, 50% of the program cost can be refunded upon request up to 2 weeks before the start date.

This Program is Supported By:

Berkeley Sourcing Group – BSG has helped over 1000 small to medium sized businesses develop and manufacture their innovative products in China. With Western management applied to our team of 25 project managers & engineers in Shenzhen, a proven process in place, and our network of over 100 Chinese factories, we are ready to move quickly, achieve quality, and help you get the right price. Download our Introductory Deck Here to Learn More About Us

Meet the Instructors

Susan Xiu

Operations Manager

Susan Xiu has worked with BSG for over 14 years and has managed over 700 projects herself. She understands the needs of startups and how to execute on their behalf on the other side of the world.

Greg Fisher

Founder & CEO of BSG

Greg Fisher is all about hardware innovation. As founder/CEO of Berkeley Sourcing Group, Greg has spent the last 14 years working with over 1000 hardware startups to develop and manufacture innovative products. Living in China 1/3rd of that time, he worked with hardware startups and factories to help improve their designs for manufacturing, quality and select factories, manage factory negotiations and relationships, and develop and implement quality control processes. With this history, Greg has a unique perspective and immense passion for what it takes for hardware startups to build the right foundation and scale their operations.