Founded in Beijing 2003, LYYF Visual Art Center, which occupies 1,000 square meters and locates at Beijing Songzhuang International Art Zone, has been dedicated to developing exhibitions, marketing, art-planning, advisory consulting, collecting, publishing and academic research.

Since the year of establishment, LYYF has done re-research to existing art history. In the meantime, attentions also have been paid to future development of art. As a result, exhibitions and publications were embarked on respectively, which both aim at projects of mature artists and young generations.

Discovering and supporting plan for young generation artists has been ongoing since 2015. Magazine”Contemporary Oil Painting”published LYYF Visual Art Center is the only oil painting series with topic of academic research in China mainland (It is awarded the Bronze Prize for excellent publication by National News Publication Bureau in 2013).


冯法祀Feng Fasi\ 汪诚一 Wang Chengyi\ 钟耕略 Zhong Genglue\ 鸥洋 Ou Yang\ 邓箭今 Deng Jianjin\ 杜建奇 Du Jianqi\ 唐华伟 Tang Huawei\ 张永胜 Zhang Yongsheng\ 仲济昆 Zhong Jikun\ 沈国良 Shen Guoliang


钟耕略 蕉蕾之五 麻布油彩 80cm×60cm 2017年

Art Shenzhen is the key project of China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF) 1+N. After sustainable development and perfection throughout 2016 and 2017, Art Shenzhen has entered into the forefront of the domestic brand contemporary art fairs.

After years of accumulation and management, Art Shenzhen has been widely recognized by institutions and markets. It is highly valued by both exhibiting institutes and the media. Collectors also speak highly of the fair with powerful purchases.

Art Shenzhen has become a new star in the art fair market. Shenzhen has accordingly been famed by the professional media as the most potential art market and the most ecological art city after Beijing and Shanghai.