The Problem

One common problem faced by people like photographers, travellers, Instagram influencers, someone running a fashion house, a budding entrepreneur who is trying to build a brand or just about any person active on social media which is finding the right captions and hashtags for their posts. Usually, people resort to Internet spending lots of
time searching for captions and hashtags which can best fit their pictures so that they can keep their audience engaged and get more likes and followers.

The solution

Lemma uses Image recognition and AI to detect the image scene and suggest the best captions and hashtags which can go along with the picture. Lemma also learns with time the user’s likeness and provides the captions which best fits his needs.

Why use Lemma?

Huge database of about 140,000 captions spread across more than 200 categories. Captions comprise of both savvy captions and quotes from celebrities. New captions added every week. Completely free to download and use. Hashtags also provide you with the number of posts, so you are aware of the number of people you are reaching.

Easy and intuitive UI.

How to use

Currently available for Android

Contact   Akshay Vernekar and Khajan Pandey for more info.