From 2003 to the present

IKEA hosts an interesting children’s drawing competition every year.

They invite children from dozens of countries around the world.
Draw the most wanted toy in your mind. They have received thousands of “eccentric” works from around the world.

a little monster on the wall~

With the help of IKEA, These little monsters that existed in the ideals of children.

It became a reality!

The creativity of children is amazing! These graffiti little monsters, It’s different from the glamorous little goods outside.

This project not only inspired children’s imagination

Through this charity event, Also calling attention to children around the world.

Since the event in 2003, a total of 77 million euros has been raised.
Allowing 11 million children in more than 46 countries to receive a better education.

If you see these little toys at IKEA, Buy one to offer your love.