ISZAF (International Shenzhen Artist Forum)

International Shenzhen Artist Forum or ISZAF is an independent, foreign, and local artist run artist society based in Shenzhen, China. Founded in October 2016 by a group of visual arts professionals, the organization hopes to connect visual artists and professionals of all backgrounds, styles, and disciplines within the Pearl River Delta Region of China.

ISZAF desires to establish a community of visual artists that can network with fellow peers, establish more ways to engage the community through sponsored artist events, and promote healthy economic growth of artists through local galleries and show.





Gloria Carnevale

Artist statement 艺术家自述

I believe that “Identity” gives meaning to an object or person that makes it different from everyone and everything else: it is seen as an independent variable that belongs to a certain person, or to a group of people. My work explores many themes surrounding the concept of identity, such as how relationships and surrounding collaborate to identify a person. I enjoy incorporating both serious and satirical elements into my work. I also like to manipulate repetition, bold colours and textures.

我相信”身份”这个概念使事物和人的存在变得有意义, 使它们变得与众不同,令它们被视为一个独立的个体, 属于某个人, 或某一个群体。我的作品围绕“身份”探索了许多主题, 例如人际关系和周围环境如何识别一个人。我喜欢把严肃、讽刺的元素融入到我的作品中,同时我也热衷于重复使用大胆的颜色和纹理。

Artwork 作品



Arjun Chakravarthi is a contributor to Shenzhen Blog. He is currently pursuing his B.Tech in electronics. Also a student entrepreneur, the enthusiastic follower of the tech industry. Been a part of Stanford University's UIF cohort. Practical Learning enthusiastic. Virtual Reality aspirant.