Inviting Design Bloggers — Become an official UMO Design Blogger. UXINDIA is one of UMO Design’s programs. Event site:

Express your UXINDIA expectations and experience to motivate others in joining this greater design movement in India.

What do you need to do?

In lead up to the Conference:

Write about why one should attend UXINDIA conference? — Pick any of these target personas and motivate them. Personas — Designers, Design Managers/Leaders, Business Owner, Tech Geek, Product Manager.

Post it on your blog and share it with us by 23 Sept’18. If selected, you will get a free entry to UXINDIA2018

At the conference:

Write about any UXINDIA 2018 program of your choice. You could cover keynote sessions, panel sessions, Design X Awards, Talent Fair, Overall conference experience.

This should inspire and leave a great impression on people in the social media.

We will provide you a complimentary pass to attend UXINDIA2019 and many more goodies.

Please email us at uxindia@usabilitymatters.Org
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