ISZAF (International Shenzhen Artist Forum)

International Shenzhen Artist Forum or ISZAF is an independent, foreign, and local artist run artist society based in Shenzhen, China.

Founded in October 2016 by a group of visual arts professionals, the organization hopes to connect visual artists and professionals of all backgrounds, styles, and disciplines within the Pearl River Delta Region of China.

ISZAF desires to establish a community of visual artists that can network with fellow peers, establish more ways to engage the community through sponsored artist events, and promote healthy economic growth of artists through local galleries and show.



Artist Rationale: I was once told by a fortune teller that I have lived many past lives in China and that I am carrying an old Chinese man on my back.  Happiness won’t come to me until I find a way to get rid of him. That may or may not be true – but there surely is truth in the fact that I am fatally inspired by Chinese art, and iconography.  In my current works, I do like a story.  And I am obsessed with my zodiac animals and how they live as robots in a world of monstrous dripping flowers. I like to experiment with ideas and mediums, using traditional paintbrushes and techniques to deconstruct my ideas.  I use gold in my work because it inspires me with its power to elevate my ideas as the light changes through the day.



Arjun Chakravarthi is a contributor to Shenzhen Blog. He is currently pursuing his B.Tech in electronics. Also a student entrepreneur, the enthusiastic follower of the tech industry. Been a part of Stanford University's UIF cohort. Practical Learning enthusiastic. Virtual Reality aspirant.