Michael Williams

He has been actively pursuing some of his interests since he moved to China. It has been a good growth period for him and a lot of changes have happened.


ISZAF Transient In Motion October – November 2018

ISNS Exhibition Space, Shenzhen

ISZAF Call + ResponseMay 2018

Jardin Orange, Shenzhen

The theme I play with is that of “Storyteller”. I see the world as a place of overlapping stories. The one that is key and most important to us is the one we star in. It is how we see the world, through our own personalized set of lenses.

I feel that when I hold my camera I am able to capture the stories of others, to see beyond my own lenses. I select photos to share that will cause people to wonder about what happened before the photo, after the photo and sometimes even the moment the photo was captured.

The conversation about the photos is an essential part of the work. What is happening here, what happened before, and what what will happen after? These are the important questions to ask.

Artwork 作品


Arjun Chakravarthi is a contributor to Shenzhen Blog. He is currently pursuing his B.Tech in electronics. Also a student entrepreneur, the enthusiastic follower of the tech industry. Been a part of Stanford University's UIF cohort. Practical Learning enthusiastic. Virtual Reality aspirant.