Since 2009, Chaihuo’s parent company, Seeed studio, has been providing OEM production and processing services to its customers, undertaking small batch product verification to mass production.


With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, Seeed is backed by the rich supply chain resources in Shenzhen and a professional team (including account managers, project managers, procurement, production, manufacturing, engineering etc.), providing customers with a full range of production and processing services in over 700 projects.

Seeed has always been committed to providing open-source hardware products for the global innovator community, and is always glad to share the experience of Open manufacturing in the past 10 years of projects.

In order for the global maker community to better understand our manufacturing process and environment, we will invite Seeed’s OEM senior project engineer, Yao Zhibin, and Account Manager, Mandy Xiang, to conduct a sharing on “Open Source Manufacturing” here at Chaihuo x.factory. On the evening of September 18 (next Wednesday), these two experts will be sharing on the most important part of the production service process: Design for Manufacturing (DFM).


DFM is not just any simple technology. In a sense, it is a technique that incorporates design-based thinking into all aspects of the product making process, and its role is to improve the manufacturing process of the product.

Today’s DFM is the core technology of modern engineering, as design and manufacturing are the two most crucial aspects of a product’s life cycle. Concurrent engineering, also known as simultaneous engineering, is a method of designing and developing products, in which the different stages run simultaneously and the manufacturability and assemblability of the product are assessed from the initial design stage.


Since the key to concurrent engineering is the technical analysis, manufacturing rationality evaluation and recommendations for design improvement, DFM is the most important support tool for this process.

For the upcoming meetup, the two experts will share the following contents:

1. Seeed’s OEM Service Introduction

2. About DFM (Design for Manufacturing): What is DFM? Why should you do DFM?

3. How does Seeed do our DFM service?

4. Case Study: If your project has a demand for DFM and the project can be shared on-site, please send the design file to us by email, we will do a professional DFM analysis for FREE and explain it on the spot on the day of the event.


Zhibin Yao, Seeed’s Senior Project Engineer

Zhibin Yao, Seeed’s Senior Project Engineer

Graduated from Wuhan University of Technology in 2013. Joined Seeed in September 2017, senior project engineer; mainly responsible for OEM product quotation, DFM, alternative material selection and verification, NPI product process design.

New product production exception processing and process optimization, continuous follow-up optimization of mass production products. Previously, he worked for a car electronics manufacturing company;

Mandy Xiang, OEM Account Manager at Seeed

Mandy Xiang, OEM Account Manager at Seeed
向曼 Seeed OEM部客户经理

Graduated in 2009, she worked as a Process Quality Engineer and PM in the Foxconn Technology Group’s FIH PLX and IGSBG business groups. Joined Seeed in March 2014 as an account manager in the OEM department with 10 years of manufacturing experience.

So far, she has been responsible for batch production orders for more than 50 customer products, and continues to provide professional OEM customized services with the Seeed manufacturing team.



Wenchang St, Hua Qiao Cheng, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China

Event Details 活动详情 

Time: September 18th (Wednesday) 19:30-21:00

Fee: Free, limited slots available

Number of people: 30 people