If you are an airline executive, your planes may not take off. On August 12, the Hong Kong International Airport shut down due to an unauthorized sit-in at the airport.

According to Dot Dot News, the paralysis of the airport has severely damaged the local economy, resulting in 206,000 fewer passengers, 22.85 million Hong Kong dollars in a decrease in profits for the Airport Authority and a freight traffic loss of 13,863 tons.

If you are a taxi driver, the business might have decreased by about 30 percent in recent times. Some drivers lost as much as half of their income.

An ordinary cab driver can normally earn 800 Hong Kong dollars a day, but might now have to make do with 500, one driver told CGTN.

If you are a shopper looking for discounts, things are looking rosy. Discount signs are everywhere, with some shopping malls offering up to 70 percent off.

It is no secret that when an economic downturn happens, small- and medium-sized enterprises are the first to be hit. And In Hong Kong, more than 95 percent of the companies are small- and medium-sized. Many of them have lost business this summer. Some employees have had their salaries cut and even been laid off.

Hong Kong’s future belongs to the city itself. However, if the unrest continues, it will lose even more.

Source : CGTN